Business Focus

Business Focus December 2018 6 B G C C I Working Together Naomi Preece Aboriginal Workplace Liaison Ph: 0403 137 031 or 9791 2292 Delivered by Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Department of Training and Workforce Development. Made possible by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program. Kaya! HoHoHo!! Tis the season to be Jolly and the start of Birak season, season of the young! Summer is here and the rain is easing and the warm weather is upon us. There are many fledglings now venturing out of nest and reptiles looking to shed their skin from old to new. What a great year Working Together southwest has had! Thank you to all the members who participated in our events and supported the program this year. Together with our program partners, Job and Skills Centre (formerly AWDC) we have completed another year of working with businesses, training organisations, job providers, students and school leavers to expand employment and training opportunities for our local youth. If you are looking for work, or free advertising for your vacant positions, the Aboriginal Jobs Board will be active over the Christmas/NewYear break at services/jobsboard If you would like to get involved in the Working Together program in 2019 please contact me, we are her to support you to grow your workforce and expand your community’s local employment, training and mentorship opportunities. The Aboriginal Land Rights Act was passed on 16 December 1976 and on the 23rd December 1996 the High Court passed the Wik Native Title decision. These are significant events in the history and lives of Aboriginal people. Merry Christmas and a safe and happy NewYear to you all! We look forward to delivering you the Working Together program for the southwest in 2019! Growing Local Leadership Iain Massey Both Government and private backers have been giving strong support to startups and micro-businesses, with good reason and good results. Business owners show tremendous dedication and ingenuity as they build their business, and they are rightly proud as their startups take hold and begin to thrive. As the business grows, however, it can quickly outgrow its support infrastructure. Owners of these successful businesses must learn about many business disciplines outside their industry of origin. They must be across operations, marketing, human resources, customer service, legal considerations, financial strategy, risk management, taxation, and any number of other fields. The demands of a successful business, especially a growing one, can mean that its owners are swamped, working hard but with little opportunity to develop their own skills. South West Leaders, hosted in Bunbury, has been established to nurture the next generation of leading businesses headquartered in our region. Leaders stimulates the growth of local business by professional skills development, tailored mentoring, and access to business, industry, and government networks. CEO of South West Leaders Iain Massey said up to 15 businesses were selected to participate in the Executive Series each year. “We put them through a series of intensive monthly workshops and one-on-one mentoring with members of our Industry Expert Panel,” he said. “Our goal is to help our members succeed on their own terms, and generally that means an increase in revenue.” “If we can help 15 companies a year to raise their revenue - even by 10 or 15% - within a very few years we will be making a significant impact on economic growth in the South West. That means jobs, prosperity and vibrancy for our region.” In addition to the core program, Leaders members have access to the entire International Leaders platform, which provides reciprocal rights to visit and engage with the network in all major Australian capital cities, in New Zealand, in the UK, and with industry partners in China. The Leaders network also offers access to specialist expertise and capital. “We’ve got all the resources you could dream of to grow a business,” said Iain. “Come and see.” “Success can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. “Don’t be a loner. Be a Leader.”