BHC Tenant Handbook

10 BHC Tenant Handbook How to pay your rent At the start of your tenancy you will have paid two weeks rent. Please arrange continued payments through Centrepay or a direct deposit from your bank account. For bank transfers or bank deposits, quote your Tenancy Agreement ID (see front of this booklet). It is important that you record and keep your payment receipt number. The payment receipt number is needed to verify proof of your rent payment in case of any errors. Centrepay Contact your Housing Manager to arrange a recurring deduction to be paid from Centrelink directly to BHC. Direct deposit Account name: Brisbane Housing Company BSB: 034 000 Account number: 27 13 91 Reference: Your Agreement Number or your full name If you are more than 7 days in arrears, a Notice to Remedy Breach may be sent, along with a letter outlining the details of the arrears. If you are not able to pay your rent, you need to contact your Housing Manager immediately to discuss the problem. Your rental ledger shows the balance of your account (in much the same way as a bank statement) and lists all charges by BHC and payments made by you from the start of your tenancy. You can request a rental ledger from your Housing Manager at any time during your tenancy. Commonwealth Rent Assistance BHC tenants who also receive some form of Centrelink benefit are generally entitled to receive Commonwealth Rent Assistance. It is a tenant responsibility to organise this payment. Options include signing into your MyGov account, Centrelink App on your phone or visiting a Centrelink office. You will need to provide proof of your rent (for example, a copy of your Tenancy Agreement with BHC). We encourage you to do this as quickly as possible after you have signed your Tenancy Agreement.