BHC Tenant Handbook

11 Renting with BHC BHC’s rental policy BHC sets rent for self-contained accommodation at up to 74.9% of market rate, ensuring affordable accommodation for your household. Rent for BHC boarding room accommodation is kept in line with the rent for similar accommodation. Whilst rent is dependent on the type of unit and location, it is kept within an affordable level for most household types. This rental policy has been designed to provide affordable homes to low income households and ensure BHC’s ongoing financial viability. Rent will likely increase on an annual basis, but will stay no more than 74.9% of the current market rate. You will always be notified in writing (in advance) of any rent increases. There are a small number of properties within the BHC portfolio which have alternate rent policy arrangements; these include Opal, Specialist Disability Accommodation, specific apartments which addressed under-occupancy. Please speak to your Housing Manager if you would like additional information. Capping of rents Rental caps are determined based on average affordability ranges on an annual basis. Capping rents allows BHC to balance financial needs and the standards of living for tenants. The BHC Rent Setting Policy may change over time. Whilst BHC will try to inform tenants of any changes, it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure they are well informed.