BHC Tenant Handbook

12 BHC Tenant Handbook BHC hopes tenants will have a long and successful tenancy. We believe sustaining a tenancy allows for people to reach their potential. Meeting your tenancy obligations such as keeping rent in advance, looking after the property, being a good neighbour and working respectfully with BHC will contribute to a positive tenancy outcome. Where you think you may not be able to meet your tenancy obligations, please talk to your Housing Manager as we may be able to assist. Support BHC encourages tenants to discuss issues that may be impacting upon their tenancy with BHC or their Housing Manager; we may be able to assist you directly. In other cases, we will be able to provide contact details for support or advocacy agencies, who can provide the household with assistance. We also publish details from time to time through our newsletter, the Bugle, and on our website and social media. Some contact details are included towards the end of this handbook. Neighbourhood and Community Centres provide a welcome space, connections, programs and services in their local area. Look for a Neighbourhood Centre in your area, or get in touch with our ResidentConnect Team for details of the Centre closest to you. Breaches of tenancy If for any reason you breach your Tenancy Agreement, BHC or your Housing Manager will notify you formally via a Notice to Remedy Breach (Form 11) . Where matters are not remedied, become ongoing or are of a serious nature, BHC may also request you enter into an Acceptable Behaviour Agreement or may issue a Notice to Leave or seek to have the tenancy finished through the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). Disagreement with Notice to Remedy Breach Any tenant has the right to challenge a breach to their Tenancy Agreement. However, it is recommended that the tenant/s first discuss the matter with their Housing Manager to resolve the issue before approaching the Residential Tenancies Authority’s (RTA’s) free dispute resolution service. Should a tenant wish to apply for a dispute resolution, they can do so by filling out a Dispute Resolution Request and sending it to the RTA. The tenant will then be contacted by the RTA to discuss the dispute (available on the RTA website or phone RTA 1300 366 311). If the matter is unable to be resolved, a Notice of Unresolved Dispute will be issued to the tenant. It is at this time that the tenant may decide to apply for the dispute to be heard at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). ResidentConnect Our ResidentConnect Team can assist you to link with services and organisations which may be able to support you in terms of your well-being, sustaining your tenancy or raising genuine concerns. Additional information about ResidentConnect is on page 25. Make contact with us by phone 3007 3000 or email Sustaining your tenancy