BHC Tenant Handbook

13 Annual income and assets review BHC will conduct annual Continuing Eligibility reviews to ensure that household income and assets do not exceed the eligibility limits prescribed by the BHC Continuing Eligibility Policy. When requested, you must provide BHC sufficient evidence of, and adequately answer questions about, the household’s income and assets for the purpose of eligibility reviews. Your household may be required to provide evidence in respect to income, employment or other documents such as tax returns and bank statements. Refusing to provide such documentation on request is a breach of the Tenancy Agreement. Please be aware that, if two successive income reviews determine the household income exceeds the eligibility limits; BHC may issue the tenant with a Notice to Leave, requiring that the tenant vacate the premises within two months. When it is determined a household assets situation exceeds eligibility; BHC may issue the tenant with a Notice to Leave. Routine inspections BHC will carry out routine inspections in accordance with the provisions of the RTRA Act. The RTRA Act specifies notice periods and other entry requirements. A routine inspection will not occur more often than every three months. Tenants are required to allow BHC reasonable access to the premises to conduct routine inspections with or without the tenant being present. BHC may take photographs during routine inspections as a record of property condition. Holidays Please notify us if you plan to go on a holiday for more than two weeks. If you are not paying rent by Centrepay deductions, please have a system set up to ensure rent is paid on time.