BHC Tenant Handbook

15 Keys and locks Your Housing Manager has provided you with the appropriate number of keys required for the premises. Should you lose your keys you must replace them at your cost. You may want to have a spare set of keys for your home and keep them in a safe place, with a trusted friend. This would assist to avoid costly after hours call outs for a locksmith if you happen to misplace or lose your keys and need access to your home. Contact your Housing Manager and they will be happy to help you with the purchase of keys. In some circumstances, BHC will approve for small key safes to be installed. Please speak first to your Housing Manager. All issued keys are to be returned at the end of the tenancy. Where this does not occur the tenant will be charged for lock and key replacement. Lock changes - domestic and family violence The Queensland Government has made changes to give tenants experiencing domestic and family violence more options to manage their tenancy arrangements and enact plans to end the violence. If you are a tenant experiencing domestic and family violence you can change the locks to your rental property without consent, but you must provide copies of keys or access codes to the rental property owner or manager as soon as practicable. As BHC is on a master key system, if a lock change is required due to a domestic and family violence situation - contact your BHC Housing Manager to organise and we will change the locks without charge. For more information on this please speak to your Housing Manager. If you need support for domestic and family violence, the contact information for DV Connect for Women and DV Connect for Men is included towards the end of this handbook.