BHC Tenant Handbook

17 Our response to maintenance issues We take pride in maintaining BHC properties as safe and functional and encourage you to raise maintenance issues or concerns with us. We work closely with contractors to provide a quality response to repairs and maintenance. Whilst time frames for repairs may vary depending on the circumstances, including the availability of tradespeople, we will always aim to respond within a reasonable time. Tenant Charges Tenant charges will occur when damage happens or repairs are required if they are caused by the tenant or household, visitors, pets or if access has been forced (such as police requiring urgent access as part of their role). Even though charges may apply, please still report damage to BHC, as our preference will be to ensure repairs are undertaken appropriately and to work with you around payment, such as through a payment plan. Please note that lockouts are the responsibility of tenants Locking yourself out is not considered an emergency repair and in the event that you do so, you will need to contact a local locksmith to gain entry at your own expense. It is important you ensure the locksmith does not change the locks, you are only to gain access at this time. Lock changes and new keys will need to be done through your Housing Manager. Maintenance self help The following may assist you to solve some maintenance problems before reporting them to your Housing Manager: No electricity • Check if street light or neighbour’s lights are working as there may be a general black out. • Check the switchboard – units have an internal switchboard – check the main switch is in the ‘on’ position • Check the Safety switch is in the ‘on’ position • Check that all the circuit breakers are in the ‘on’ position If the Safety switch is ‘off’ unplug all electrical items in the property. • Turn Safety switch on • Then plug electrical items back in one by one • If the power goes out after plugging one particular item in then you have a faulty electrical appliance, unplug this appliance and then turn the Safety switch back on If you have carried out the above and you still are unable to get power call your Housing Manager. Toilets If the cistern is continually running, turn off the tap under the cistern. The toilet can still be flushed by allowing the cistern to fill, then turning the tap off again. You can also flush the toilet by using a bucket of water. Report the problem to your Housing Manager during office hours. Water leaks It is recommended that you know where the main isolation valve is located in your unit in order to turn off water in the case of a leak. Generally they are under a sink or in the laundry area. You can always check with your housing manager to assist you to locate where it is.