BHC Tenant Handbook

18 BHC Tenant Handbook Planned maintenance From time to time, BHC conducts planned or cyclical maintenance. These include refurbishments such as bathrooms, kitchens, roofs and floor coverings, stemming from end of life or wear. Fire Safety Please make sure you are aware of fire exits and evacuation assembly areas. Please report any broken or missing equipment to us. We conduct at a minimum annual inspection of smoke detectors. Some apartments have fire doors, and these will also be inspected regularly. For most properties, we coordinate an annual evacuation drill, and whilst participation is voluntary, we strongly encourage you to participate. Tampering with smoke detectors or other fire equipment will put your tenancy at risk. Please take all due care to minimise any risk of fire. • Have a fire blanket and small fire extinguisher in your apartment • Never leave cooking or any open flame (eg. candles or oil burners) • Clean lint from clothes dryers each time it is used • Do not overload power points and switch off points not in use • Ensure your apartment is not cluttered and exit paths in your apartment are clear • Do not smoke in bed * *Please do not smoke inside your apartment. Smoking causes damage to the property and you will be held responsible for that damage. Call 000 in an emergency. Lithium-ion Batteries – E-Bikes, E-Scooters and other Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) Fire, explosion, radiation, heat, chemical and electrical risks are associated with LEV’s. If you charge an LEV in or around your apartment, you are responsible for its safety. In some complexes, we may have designated areas for charging devices. Please ensure you research safe charging. Some measures to minimise risk include: • Do not leave LEV batteries/devices unattended whilst charging. • Disconnect from the charger as soon as fully charged. • Purchase from reputable manufacturers and supplies. • Use only chargers supplied with the device, or certified and compatible third-party charging equipment; using with the incorrect voltage or current can lead to fires. • Check chargers bear the Regulatory Compliance Mark to show they meet Australian Standards. • Ideally charge devices outdoors and definitely not on combustible or insulating surfaces (eg beds, sofas, carpet, blankets, paper). Regulatory Compliance Mark