BHC Tenant Handbook

19 Modifications to the property If you wish to make any change and/or modification to the property, you must gain BHC’s written consent before going ahead with the alteration/ change. Requests are to be submitted in writing to your Housing Manager via the Modification Application Form. Please do not proceed with the modification until you have received written approval from BHC. Depending on the type of modification, BHC may place particular conditions on the approval, including the use of a licensed contractor or requirement that BHC inspects the work when completed or removal at the end of tenancy. Modifications include but are not limited to, installation of hand rails and fixing items to walls. If changes are made to the premises without BHC’s written consent, BHC reserves the right to request the premises be taken back to the original condition within 14 days at the tenant’s cost. Requests for modification due to disability or mobility issues Some tenants, due to aging or progression of a physical disability, may require modifications to their home to support them to continue to live independently. If you require modification to your home, which is being carried out by a home modification service, you must provide a written request to BHC seeking approval to allow the modification to take place. Your Housing Manager may be able to assist you in finding relevant access to home modification services which provide support for your needs, if provision and assistance has not already been made. Employee and contractor safety The safety and well-being of staff and contractors is important to BHC. We are sensitive to the fact that some tenants may have a preference for shoes to be removed for religious or other purposes. However, for workplace health and safety reasons, our staff and contractors are required to wear footwear within the tenancy. We ask that tenants also contribute to safety and well-being, for instance through respectful interactions, restraining dogs during inspections, minimising trip hazards. Applying and keeping a pet At BHC, we recognise the importance of pets, and we are supportive of tenants wishing to have a pet, where we can. Please view our website before bringing a pet into your home. BHC first requires a pet application and will advise you if your application is approved and what the conditions apply. Pet applications may only be submitted online via our website, or email to or to our head office (GPO Box 544, Brisbane QLD 4001). Please do not provide a pet application to your housing manager or the letterbox of a building complex. Scan QR code to visit site