BHC Tenant Handbook

21 Car parking BHC’s resources are focused on providing affordable housing, and as such, the majority of our properties have limited car parking. We understand you may need to own a car in order to live the life you wish and that consequently you may require appropriate access to parking. We will ensure information about car parking arrangements are made clear during your initial interview with your Housing Manager. Allocated parking Some buildings have allocated parking available. A car park fee is charged to tenants at the discretion of BHC and reviewed periodically for this service. Any tenants parking on BHC property must provide their vehicle registration details and the make and model of their vehicle. This allows BHC to ensure vehicles are parked in the allocated space and no breaches have been made. Please note that there is usually a wait list for allocated parking. Please notify your Housing Manager if you wish to be considered for future car parks. Allocations for parking will be based on a combination of need and length of time on the waiting list. Use of service bays Service bays may only be utilised by BHC staff, Housing Managers, tradespeople working on site, emergency service vehicles and registered businesses with professional carers. Towing vehicles BHC has contracts in place with a registered towing company which allows any vehicle breaching car park management rules to be towed from the premises. Towing notices with the towing company’s phone number are visible in all BHC car park facilities. Impounded cars will be released to owners at their own expense. Only nominated BHC representatives are authorised to ring the towing company and have a car impounded. Enquiries regarding car parking arrangements in your building should be discussed with your Housing Manager. Personal property in common areas Common areas in the complexes includes foyers, halls and walkways, elevators and common BBQ and gathering spaces; they are for easy access, enjoyment and importantly for safe exit. Personal property may not be left in common spaces; this generally includes pot plants and door mats outside the property. Property that is left in common areas may be removed by BHC, and charges may be passed onto the tenant responsible or BHC may issue notice to remedy breach.