BHC Tenant Handbook

23 Through Community Development centred programs and initiatives, we aim to support residents across the BHC portfolio to thrive, reaching their personal goals and enhancing their wellbeing. The BHC Community Development Team strive to encourage positive connections for residents in their communities, create open and respectful communication pathways, and seek to ensure residents have access to services and supports available in the wider community. What does it look like? Community Engagement: We work with residents to identify community needs within a BHC building, for example, supporting health, wellness, or social initiatives that facilitate ongoing resident and community engagement. Community Development: By facilitating connections between residents and their local neighbourhoods, BHC strives to create thriving, healthy communities. As such, BHC continues to work with local and state services to ensure the appropriate and continuous support and connection for our residents with their local neighbourhoods and community. Economic Participation: BHC has a dedicated Resident Participation and Employment Coordinator who works with individuals to identify their employment, training, education, and volunteer goals. We do this through a variety of aspiration assessments, goal setting, confidence building, employment and participation placements, and ongoing development and mentorship. If you are interested in gaining more information for any of the above please contact BHC and speak to the Community Development Team.