BHC Tenant Handbook

27 Announcements and emergency information From time to time, BHC will place announcements and information about emergency responses on our website. Information such as changes to office hours and how we are responding to flooding or cyclone emergencies may be included on the website page. Complaints Complaints and feedback allow us to continually improve and monitor our customer service with tenants and relationships with service providers. Neighbourhood disputes or complaints BHC provides independent affordable accommodation for tenants who are able to manage independent living. It is therefore an expectation that a tenant is able to initially work towards resolution when conflict arises with another tenant. BHC is unable to intervene in disputes among tenants and residents unless it is within the remit of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. Complaints around illegal activity should be reported to Queensland Police. Complaints around excessive dog barking or dangerous dogs should be referred to the Brisbane City Council. If the situation is one where violence is occurring or is threatening please contact police; in an emergency dial 000. It is also important to then report the incident (illegal activity, violence or threatened violence, or dog matters) to the Housing Manager. Please state the issue clearly in writing, including a description of the incident, dates, times and order in which they happened. Another option is to seek assistance to resolve the neighbourhood dispute through the South Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre (see Important Contacts in this booklet). This a free service from the Queensland Government and offers neighbourhood mediation. Complaints about BHC If you are dissatisfied with the service we have provided or a decision that has been made, we encourage you to raise this with us. Informal Resolution: In the first instance, please speak to your Housing Manager to endeavour to resolve the matter informally. Often additional information or an explanation can clarify the situation and an understanding or agreement can be reached. A tenant may phone or email their Housing Manager to start this conversation. Formal Complaint: If the matter is not able to be resolved informally, please submit a formal complaint to BHC. This can be submitted via email to or via our postal address. Please contact us if assistance is needed in writing the complaint. In most situations, this complaint will be addressed by the relevant Housing Manager.