Target Cards

Make a name for yourself. Target Cards are the perfect way to introduce yourself to future vendors in a friendly, yet persistent manner. They have proven to be a very effective way for a real estate office or individual agent to raise their profile in their area. Your self-contained campaign. If you want to get maximum listings you need home vendors to be aware of you. With a Target Card marketing campaign working for you the job is made easier. The sets of six (or more) will keep your name in the minds of vendors as each card reinforces the work of the one before – establishing your credentials in a much stronger way than a single one-off drop card will. Do it your way. Target Cards are customised both sides – you can write your own copy (or use our suggestions), you can incorporate your own corporate colours, or design your own cards completely (we’re happy to assist you). In fact we’ll do all we can to ensure your success with your Target Card marketing campaign. 1