Target Cards

Target cards are profile builders and are designed to get you well known in your neighbourhood. There are 2 sides to every card: side A the profile side and side B the theme side. The cards are designed as either collectables or to constantly reinforce your profile. Looking for a new home close to school? I’ve done my homework. © 2007 51976016 PP Target Cards 1300 735 700 If your property is listedwith another agent, please disregard thismessage. JulieCoffey 0416141065 Deal with the agent who’s right on your doorstep. Selling or buying a home? If you want years of experience in this area, a proven success record and the best chance of getting the price you want. Call me now. 6/256 Nicklin Way, Warana Qld 4575 Phone: 5437 8806 Fax: 5437 8802 B A