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DODGY BROS DODGEBALL CO. 5 Minutes with... We chatted to one half of Dodgy Bros Dodgeball Co., Jimmy Kinsella about he and brother Mikee's unique business venture. Tell us about how Dodgy Bros was born? I was the Social Director at my local sporting club in 2016, and one night I ran a Dodgeball Tournament. It was just thrown together but people absolutely loved it and it was a great culture-builder for the club. My brother and I could see how great this concept was for bringing people together through fun and fitness. We also recognised the importance of being completely mobile and we ordered our first custom made inflatable 'Arena'. Since then we've refined our equipment and concept making our events heaps of fun and widely popular here in WA. Who are the people behind Dodgy Bros? Myself and my brother Mikee are just two brothers who had an idea and ran with it. I started the business as a side hustle, but now run the business full time. We have 3 Arenas and 7 casual Staff, and are constanly growing. What is the concept of a Dodgy Bros Tournament? Put simply, it's Pop Up, Party Dodgeball! We can come to any location, set up our inflatable arena, music, lighting, and bring the party vibes! Teams of 5 battle it out in a Round Robin to Knockout Tournament, until there is one winning team. Any age group, event type, and time of day or night...we have it covered! Find out more dodgybrosdodgeball.au @dodgybrosdodgeball