1 Impact Report 2022 - 2023 Supporting our residents and communities to thrive Proudly supported by our profit-for-purpose real estate agency

2 BHC Creating Liveable Communities - Impact Report 2022-23 Contents 3 4 6 7 8 10 12 16 14 18 19 20 22 24 Message from the CEO Our impact journey so far BHC Impact Fund: 2022-23 outcomes Thank you from Elevate Residential 2022-23 Impact Fund Summary Program 1: Assisting residents through targeted grants Resident reflections: Meet Erica Resident reflections: Meet Zara Program 2: Assisting residents to increase social inclusion, wellbeing and health Program 3: Resident Participation and Employment Support Resident reflections: Meet Peter Project 55: Property investment with a conscience Collaborating for impact Resident reflections: Meet Matty BHC respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which we live, work, and provide homes for people. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. Acknowledgment of Country

3 It is with great pleasure that I present BHC’s Impact Report 2022/23. This report shares the story of BHC’s impact approach to date and highlights the incredible partnerships and programs that support the residents who call a BHC property home. BHC’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025 focuses on the delivery of two key goals- Growing the supply of affordable housing and, the focus of this Report, Supporting our residents and communities to thrive. We know that the homes we develop and manage provide a critical platform for people to move forward with their lives, however we also know that many of our residents have a real need for much more than just a roof over their heads. To empower people to create the changes they want to make in their lives, they also need support and opportunities to participate in wellbeing, social, community, employment, education and training activities. This is what drives our team and is the essence of the programs and services summarised in this report. Last year’s Impact Report focused on the results from BHC’s Impact Fund, a minimum commitment of $150,000 to invest in programs and supports to assist residents to work towards achieving their goals. These funds are made possible through the financial contribution of our ‘profit for purpose’ real estate agency, Elevate Residential. We are proud to have been able to assist 513 BHC households through the Impact Fund in the past year. This year’s Impact Report has been expanded to include not only the work undertaken through the Impact Fund, but also to highlight outcomes from the range of additional activities and partnerships that contribute to our second goal of Supporting residents and communities to thrive. It is our aim is to empower residents through integrated BHC tenancy management, community development and a combination of services made possible through the Impact Fund. Our key partnerships with the community sector and government colleagues provide a real platform for building community, and assisting every resident to succeed in their tenancy and individual aspirations. Being able to communicate the difference that housing makes has never been more critical for us. We are committed to measuring the impact our services have and have embarked on a journey to embed measurement and evaluation practices across the organisation. We will continue to enhance and refine our approach to ensure that the services and programs delivered are well targeted towards resident need, are evidence-based and transparent, and are genuinely making a difference. On behalf of the BHC team, I would like to extend our thanks to all the organisations we have partnered with over the past year as part of our shared vision to support BHC’s residents and communities to thrive. It is through these valued partnerships and incredible contributions we have been able to, together, make a measurable difference to Queenslanders in need. Rebecca Oelkers Chief Executive Officer Message from the CEO

4 BHC Creating Liveable Communities - Impact Report 2022-23 Embedding a clear, accountable and meaningful outcomes measurement approach across all BHC programs and services is core to achieving our Strategic Goal 2- Supporting our residents and communities to thrive. We have been firmly focused on implementing a new approach that recognises not only the importance of traditional housing management outcomes, but also prioritises and better equips us to understand and respond to residents’ needs and aspirations across all areas of their lives. We will continue to embed and refine our approach to outcomes and impact measurement over the coming year. Elevate Residential launches BHC launches ‘profit for purpose’ real estate agency, Elevate Residential, with a goal to generate new revenue to enable BHC to fund targeted programs and services for residents New BHC Strategic Plan developed BHC’s new Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 outlines the strategic vision for the organisation over the next five years. Goal 1 prioritises growth in the supply of social and affordable housing, with Goal 2 focusing on the role of our service delivery model in supporting our residents and communities to succeed. BHC Impact Fund established Establishment of the BHC Impact Fund under Goal 2, involving a commitment of a minimum of $150,000 per annum to directly invest in services and programs to support BHC residents. Profits now being generated by Elevate Residential form the basis of the Fund. Measuring and communicating our impact BHC’s inaugural Impact Fund Report released, outlining the first year of Impact Fund service delivery and BHC’s initial steps towards embedding an outcomes measurement approach. Broadening our Impact measurement and reporting framework Further enhancement of measurement and evaluation approaches across BHC’s programs and services under Goal 2. BHC’s Impact Report broadened to include additional partnership and program information across all Goal 2 services. Our impact journey so far 2 Delivering a high performing and inclusive team culture Supporting residents and communities to thrive Growing the supply of affordable housing 3 1 Ensuring the financial sustainability and efficiency of our business 4 Communicating with influence and impact 5 2018 2020 2022 2021 2023

5 Our Commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance outcomes BHC is driven by its mission to create sustainable affordable homes and communities for Queenslanders in housing need. We are committed to doing all we can to contribute positively to the communities in which we operate and to create real pathways that assist our residents to thrive. The focus of our Impact work aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals below: In addition to our strong focus on assisting our residents to achieve positive social outcomes, we also recognise the critical importance of reducing our environmental impact, whilst providing confidence to our partners and the broader community that we are sustainable, accountable, inclusive and effective in all we do. These Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives underpin our strategic approach. In the coming year we will be working to formalise our ESG framework and further align our measures with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

6 BHC Creating Liveable Communities - Impact Report 2022-23 Supporting residents to live their lives with dignity and hope BHC Impact Fund 2022 - 23 outcomes

7 All profits generated by our ‘profit for purpose’ real estate agency, Elevate Residential are directed to BHC and channelled into their Impact Fund. This year, it has been incredible to see over 500 vulnerable households supported by Elevate’s contribution. This is extremely humbling for the team and is what drives us to grow and look toward increasing Elevate’s impact in the future. We are very proud of our partnership with BHC and would like to acknowledge the commitment and hard work that goes into the delivery of the Impact Fund. Our team also feel very fortunate to be involved in the delivery as well - whether it is being part of a panel evaluating residents’ applications for a grant, meeting a resident who has benefited from an Impact Fund project, or simply hearing a story about a resident who has been supported. This year, in addition to the support Elevate Residential provides to the BHC Impact Fund, we were proud to launch Project 55, a new initiative to support women aged over 55 in housing need. Through this campaign we are calling on property investors to make a positive choice about where their property management fees are going, and help us to sign up 55 new property managements, in addition to our usual growth targets. All profits from commissions we make on these 55 additional properties will directly sponsor older women into safe and secure housing. You can read more about Project 55, including how to get involved, in this report. Next year we look forward to sharing the impact of this campaign and the stories of the residents supported. Elevate’s ability to contribute to better social outcomes for those who need it most is made possible because of the wonderful support from clients, partners and sector colleagues. Thank you all for choosing Elevate for your real estate needs - your choice is genuinely making a difference and helping to provide hope to those in housing need right across Brisbane. And finally, thank you to all Elevate team members for your tireless commitment to our vision of providing exceptional real estate services whilst supporting positive social outcomes - I look forward to seeing what we can continue to achieve together. Chris Meadmore Principal Licensee, Elevate Residential THANK YOU FROM Elevate Residential The Elevate Residential team

8 BHC Impact Fund residents supported this financial year $150K 2022 - 2023 Supporting residents to live their lives with dignity and hope BHC Impact Fund Summary 513 4 key areas of support 2022/23 Programs Sustaining tenancies Employment, skills and participation Enhancing resident wellbeing Creating cohesive communities Assisting residents through targeted grants - providing digital technologies, education / participation opportunities and a range of life supports. Resident Participation and Employment Support - supporting residents with vital connections for employment, participation and volunteering opportunities. Assisting residents to increase social inclusion, wellbeing and health - Providing residents with access to targeted, bespoke programs that support improved outcomes across mental health, wellness and wellbeing, financial literacy and food security. PROGRAM 1 PROGRAM 2 PROGRAM 3

10 BHC Creating Liveable Communities - Impact Report 2022-23 A targeted grants program was again offered in 2022-23 to assist households experiencing financial barriers to inclusion, participation and wellbeing. Grants awarded included assistance with training and course fees, technologies to support digital inclusion, extracurricular activities for young people and cost of living support for vulnerable residents. Assisting residents through targeted grants KICKSTART GRANT Providing equipment and relief to assist residents with day-to-day living costs and to support tenancy sustainment. “The impact was overwhelming. I felt valued and seen. I felt cared for. My dog is my only companion. He’s vital for my mental health and well-being. You recognise the importance of mental health. That’s amazing and wonderful. I’m forever grateful.” - BHC Kickstart recipient who was assisted with costs associated with a vet bill residents residents in grant funding in grant funding 62 17 75% 100% 89% $15,000 $10,000 White goods, furniture, medical expenses, bill payments, connection costs, pet expenses and general cost of living support. of residents surveyed believe that this grant helped them move towards achieving their goals of residents surveyed said the grant has made a positive contribution to their overall wellbeing of residents said the grant has made a positive contribution to their dependent’s overall wellbeing to a “large extent” BRIGHT FUTURES RESPONSIVE FUND Supporting the educational, wellbeing and extracurricular needs of young people. “[Name withheld] will now start the course next term and is looking forward to it- this means she can pursue her dream of being a makeup artist. Thank you for the support.” - Parent of BHC Bright Futures Recipient, who was supported with the costs of a training course in her chosen field. NB: The Bright Futures Responsive Fund was made possible in 2022-23 by a generous donation from the Queensland Presentation Sisters. See page 22 to find out more. School fees and project expenses, sport and music costs and digital technologies. PROGRAM 1

11 residents residents in grant funding in grant funding 15 21 27% 100% 84% $10,000 $12,250 increase in their confidence in staying connected digitally after receiving a grant of residents said the grant assisted them to learn new skills increase in confidence in using digital technology following receipt of a digital device CONNECT GRANT Supporting residents to engage with digital technologies, digital literacy and connection opportunities. “[Name withheld] stated that as a result of coming into the office to pick up a Connect Grant laptop, they saw an 8-week Certificate II in Hospitality advertised and applied, as they felt confident to do so now they had a laptop. They were promptly accepted into the course and are excited to begin this week.” - BHC Housing Manager Computers, tablets, technology-related accessories including a smart watch, assistance with internet and phone packages and bill payments. Course fees and course supplies, workplace equipment and support, health and wellbeing initiatives to promote social and economic participation. Thank you to Queensland Disability Network (QDN) and Givit 48 residents were referred to BHC’s QDN Digital Inclusion Project, backed by Givit funding, providing access to additional digital support for eligible residents, including computers, smartphones and digital learning support. EDUCATE & PARTICIPATE GRANT Supporting residents to work towards realising their employment, education and participation goals. “I just want to say thank you very much. I rarely have money to spend on myself so this has really given me something to be excited and happy about.” - BHC Resident (assistance with interview / work wear)

12 BHC Creating Liveable Communities - Impact Report 2022-23 “It’s great to have someone who will be able to help you” - Erica, BHC resident RESIDENT REFLECTIONS

13 Long-term BHC resident, Erica, has lived in her Bowen Hills home for almost 12 years. After recently recovering from a fractured back injury and on the waitlist to get both knees replaced, Erica needed some extra support. Speaking with her housing manager Clare, she found out BHC may be able to assist through the Kickstart Grant as well as with additional support from BHC’s Community Liaison Coordinator. Being in constant pain has made tasks we take for granted like showering or hanging laundry difficult for Erica. But through the Kickstart Grant, BHC was able to provide Erica with a shower chair and lower her washing line to help ease some of that discomfort and make these tasks a little easier. “I couldn’t shower without being in terrible pain. I previously tried getting the shower chair from another provider, but I would have had to pay for it. I didn’t know BHC could help until Clare mentioned it. It worked out perfectly,” said Erica. To further understand what services may be available to assist her, Erica was referred to BHC’s Community Liaison Coordinator, Toni. Recognising that Erica would need extra support around the house, Toni started the process of linking her in with My Aged Care for an assessment of her needs. Through My Aged Care, Erica now receives fortnightly assistance with cleaning around the home and transportation for shopping and medical appointments. A former professional cleaner herself, receiving cleaning assistance has been a welcome relief. “I didn’t know how to go about applying for support, but Toni was able to help me. I wouldn’t have what I have now, without the support of Clare and Toni to get it started,” said Erica. “Receiving this support has been the best thing.” Erica (middle) with BHC’s Community Liaison Toni (L) and Housing Manager, Clare (R) Meet Erica The CLC role facilitated over 320 well-being interactions from Dec 22 to June 23, spanning prevention, early intervention, and crisis response. This included practical and emotional assistance for residents living with physical disabilities and/or experiencing mental health concerns. The role also involved referrals, integrated coordination with multiple support services, tenancy sustainment planning, resident goal-setting, and mediating neighborhood conflicts. About the Community Liaison Coordinator (CLC)

14 BHC Creating Liveable Communities - Impact Report 2022-23 With the increasing challenges of social isolation, loneliness, mental health and overall well-being, we have collaborated with community partners to deliver a range of initiatives to promote mental health, movement and wellness, financial capability, social connectedness and healthy eating. Assisting residents to increase social inclusion, wellbeing and health PROGRAM 2 Mental Health and Wellness Program BHC Partnership with Lena Lundell Counselling Designed to address social isolation and mental health challenges by promoting social connection and inclusion amongst residents. Body and Mind Program BHC partnership with The Yoga Partnership; a charity founded to bring yoga to those who need it most. Mindfulness and body movement classes delivered for residents in the Bowen Hills community, at the Jeays Street Community Centre, and Fortitude Valley, at the Maida Lilley Community rooms. 10 14+* 100% 16 residents attended program residents attended program of residents reported they were better able to identify changes to their own mental health, and to seek help sessions delivered *Program still in progress at time of publication “I attended all but one of Lena’s workshops over the last 10 weeks, and my favourite session was when we learnt movement exercises. Before the workshop I rarely exercised, but now I try to do at least 20 minutes of the arm and leg movements daily.” - BHC Resident “[Resident] arrived and was so excited. She said that she had had uninterrupted peaceful sleep for six of the seven days of this last week since our session... she said that was a profound difference for her and that she was very excited to be moving forward with this practice.” - Yoga Instructor

15 Financial Literacy Program BHC Partnership with Uniting Care With the support of an experienced financial counsellor, small group workshops were delivered, to equip residents with strategies to increase financial resilience and management. Nutrition at Nundah BHC Partnership with Eaternally Healthy Life This program was designed for residents in the Nundah community to assist with building stronger skills in the kitchen and education around nutrition and healthy lifestyles. 8 4 8+* 4 9 100% sessions delivered place-based sessions delivered in response to gap identified in healthy eating at BHC property’s Nundah complex residents attended to date people supported through the program residents surveyed have increased their fruit and vegetable consumption since the workshops residents connected to community neighbourhood centre to continue social and support engagement post-sessions *Program still in progress at time of publication 6 12 200 85% BHC properties visited sessions delivered residents attended overall of residents said the initiative enhanced their sense of belonging Mobile Coffee Cart- Skills Building and Community Engagement BHC Partnership with YFS Social Enterprise Substation33 BHC partnered with Substation33, bringing their solar powered coffee cart to a selection of BHC’s complexes to provide hospitality skills development, including barista training. “Before my first class I never enjoyed cooking, but this course has motivated me to cook. I have made cottage pie and stir fry, and they have both turned out well. I am now more careful about what I buy and plan my meals ahead.” - Lorraine, BHC Resident “I witnessed a tenant who doesn’t normally engage socially with anyone, come out of his shell and get really engaged in the coffee cart. He was very chatty with other residents and myself as the Housing Manager as well.” - BHC Housing Manager

16 BHC Creating Liveable Communities - Impact Report 2022-23 “I made 40 coffees and would love to boost my memory further and take a course.” - Zara, BHC resident RESIDENT REFLECTIONS

17 Last year, we launched Coffee Connections, an initiative to help residents build skills and pathways to social and economic participation, in collaboration with local social enterprise Substation33. Bringing a portable, solar powered coffee cart to BHC’s complexes, Substation33 provides an inclusive, place-based opportunity for residents to learn skills in hospitality, whilst connecting with their neighbours. Resident Zara first came across BHC’s Coffee Connections while it was on site at her complex in Fortitude Valley. At first interested in grabbing a coffee from the cart, the experience turned to her making coffees for a number of other residents in the complex. “I just thought it would be fun. Brad (from Substation33) showed me how to make coffees on the machine, from warming the milk to make it foamy, to trying to make a heart on top of the coffee,” said Zara. Zara recently completed a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course and through her hands on experience with the solar-powered coffee cart, has also considered developing her skills further through a barista training course. “I made 40 coffees and would love to boost my memory further and take a course.” Since last year’s launch, Substation33’s Brad Clair has operated the coffee cart and guided residents on how to use a professional coffee machine across many BHC complexes. “Out of all the BHC properties I’ve been to, Zara has been the most keen to learn and make coffees for the other residents,” says Brad. “I’ve felt a part of the team and it’s great to see how BHC cares about the residents and organise things like this.” In addition to providing residents with an opportunity to receive a free coffee and a lesson on the machine, Coffee Connections has also encouraged positive social engagement and connections with neighbours and BHC staff. “Everyone was nice and lovely, it was great to get to know my neighbours a little better, whilst making their coffee orders,” said Zara. Zara with Brad from Substation33 Meet Zara

18 BHC Creating Liveable Communities - Impact Report 2022-23 BHC’s Resident Participation and Employment Coordinator (RPEC) provides personalised support to BHC residents to assist with their education, employment and participation goals. RPEC areas of focus include assisting with job seeking; interview preparation and skills building; facilitating and supporting volunteering, education and employment placements; and linking residents into relevant external services. Resident Participation and Employment Support Residents directly assisted with ongoing participation, employment and job readiness skills of employment placements assisted by RPEC in 22/23 have been sustained into 23/24 of residents reported feeling better prepared for participation or employment opportunities after engaging with the RPEC service Residents supported with participation and connection opportunities Residents placed into volunteering, employment and education and training opportunities 60 78 32 80% 86% OUTCOMES ACHIEVED Supported 9 volunteer and participation opportunities Animal welfare, thrift shop, events support, green space volunteer, charity support Facilitated 5 paid employment opportunities Supermarket, hospitality, mechanical, cleaning, warehousing Assisted 18 residents with education and training opportunities Variety of TAFE courses, first aid and mental health, literary support, warehousing and hospitality Participation support for residents including interview coaching, advocacy support and referrals, Disability Employment Services (DES) connections, digital literary education and training, mental health and Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment (AODT) support Facilitated partnerships with Volunteering Qld, Queensland Disability Network (QDN) Digital Empowerment Workshops, Substation 33 (Coffee Connections), Breakthru Employment, TAFE Qld and attended and supported job-networking opportunities. PROGRAM 3

19 After settling in and feeling secure in his new home in Woolloongabba, BHC resident Peter was ready to seek work on a casual basis. Even as a former business owner, returning to the workforce felt a bit unnerving for Peter. After speaking to his housing manager about his plans to return to work, Peter was introduced to BHC’s Resident Participation and Employment Coordinator, Anthony. “After being out of work for a while, I felt anxious about getting my resumé out there,” said Peter. “Anthony would forward me job listings knowing my parameters and continued to send me job opportunities when he came across them.” Having previously worked with several employment services for job seekers, Peter was initially hesitant to engage with employment support due to some past challenging experiences. However, Peter quickly became more comfortable with Anthony’s unwavering support and diligence. “Having someone like Anthony in my corner has been great, he has shown genuine empathy, remained positive and always kept on top of things,” said Peter. The support he received has made a positive difference in Peter’s confidence to continue to seek work both independently and with assistance from Anthony. “At times I feel lonely, but I get out and about. This is what I miss about having a job in customer service, the interaction with others, it will be good to get back.” RESIDENT REFLECTIONS “Having someone like Anthony in my corner has been great, he has shown genuine empathy, remained positive and always kept on top of things” - Peter, BHC resident Peter (L) with BHC’s Resident Participation and Employment Coordinator Anthony (R) Meet Peter

Property investment with a conscience PROJECT 55 Supporting older women in housing need

21 INTO SAFE, AFFORDABLE ACCOMMODATION AT BHC’S PROPERTY IN NEW FARM. GOAL: 55 NEW PROPERTY MANAGEMENTS SIGNED UP WITH ELEVATE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMMISSIONS SPONSOR WOMEN AGED 55+ AT RISK OF HOMELESSNESS Older women are the fastest growing cohort facing homelessness- many are sleeping rough, in their cars or couch surfing, with no permanent address or place to call home. Many of these women are living in extreme poverty. In response Elevate Residential, in partnership with BHC, launched Project 55 – an initiative designed to assist women over 55 who are at risk of homelessness. Making an impact together Launched in May 2023, Project 55 encourages property owners to make a positive choice about where their property management fees are going, by signing up the management of their investment property with Elevate Residential. 100% of the profits from commissions on 55 new property managements that are signed up with Elevate (from May 2023 to May 2024) will be used to sponsor safe and affordable housing for women aged 55+ at risk of homelessness, in BHC’s property in Alford Street, New Farm. Each property management joining the campaign contributes directly to access to a safe and affordable home for a woman at risk of homelessness, as well as a personalised package of supports Choosing Elevate as your property manager makes a real difference to those in need The campaign launched strongly with seven investors signing up in the initial launch period. In the coming financial year the BHC and Elevate teams will be continuing to spread the word about this important initiative, as we work towards our target of 55 additional property managements. To get involved and join Project 55 visit “For the first time in a long time I am able to self-care and look after me instead of just my basic survival needs. Now from survival- I am thriving and that’s what this home means to me.” - BHC Resident BY ELEVATE RESIDENTIAL Project 55

22 BHC Creating Liveable Communities - Impact Report 2022-23 Our partnerships and service collaborations are essential if we are to support our residents and communities to thrive, in line with our strategic goals. We are committed to working with tenants to sustain their tenancies and appreciate the vital collaboration provided by community service organisations, in providing opportunities and resources to assist residents to work towards their personal goals, and to live well within the community. Our sincere thanks are extended to all partners and collaborators over the FY22-23 who were involved in service delivery at our buildings, who provided support to our residents, or who provided funding to make these things possible. Your expertise, contributions and passion for working alongside our residents is very much appreciated. See adjacent for a snapshot of some of our service collaborations this year. Resident End of Year Event Collaborating for impact Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust Set up for Success Packs Queensland Presentation Sisters Bright Futures Responsive Fund Communify | Bric Housing | Brisbane City Council (Pathways out of Homelessness) Sustaining Tenancies Brisbane Youth Service Cornwall Street Youth Partnership Set up for Success Cleaning and Wellness Packs 80 17 5 124 80 residents welcomed with packs young residents supported homes made available to young residents residents supported to access and/or sustain safe, secure and affordable housing residents engaged Cuppa with a Cop in Fortitude Valley In addition to the above services, BHC residents benefit from an incredible range of support from community organisations throughout the year. We would like to acknowledge this support and highlight some of these valuable services.

23 Sustaining appropriate long-term housing for people who have had a history of homelessness and failed tenancies and delivering the associated practical support necessary to sustain the tenancy. Increasing social housing allocations to young people and providing personalised supports to assist them to build skills and move towards independent living. Supporting the educational and extracurricular needs of children living in a BHC property. The fund is made possible through a donation from the Queensland Presentation Sisters. “I’m deeply grateful, receiving the Bright Future Grant last year has been of great help toward my family’s education cost- I was able to pay the remaining school fee with ease and struggle less with the cost of living in general. Thank You Bright Future Grant.” – BHC Bright Futures Recipient “I left home aged 16 for my own safety. My mental health and self-worth suffered, before I found BYS. I have to admit I was nervous moving in alone but the greatest part was I still had the support I needed from BYS to move into my own unit and start my own business. I couldn’t have done it without BYS and BHC.” – BHC resident, supported by BYS Assisting BHC’s most vulnerable new tenants. BHC’s Set-up-for-success packs have been designed to assist new tenants to make a positive transition to a stable home with BHC after moving from crisis accommodation / homelessness, receiving medical treatment or generally moving from unsuitable accommodation. “Providing these ‘baskets’ as a small token of kindness helps residents set up their property and ensures they can start their tenancy with dignity and hope. I feel proud that we can help tenants out in this small way.” – BHC Housing Manager GRANT FUNDING AND PRACTICAL ASSISTANCE CREATING HOUSING PATHWAYS AND SUSTAINING TENANCIES THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE WONDERFUL SERVICE PROVIDERS AND COLLABORATORS WHO SUPPORTED OUR RESIDENTS THIS YEAR Supporting BHC’s annual Resident EOYE which provides residents with a free, inclusive, end of year celebration which connects people, offers a delicious meal, live entertainment and lucky door prizes. Second Chance - Support for Women Supporting women and children in housing need with rental assistance. Queensland Disability Network - Digital Inclusion Project Connecting residents with a disability to digital technologies, support and information. The Vacseen Project, QHealth, Micah and Drug ARM - Pop up Clinics Connecting residents to place based health services including health clinics, vaccinations and drug and alcohol services. Queensland Police Service - Cuppa with a Cop Promoting positive relationships with residents and QPS. TAFE Queensland and Breakthru Employment - Information Sessions and Economic Participation Expos Assisting residents to link into information and volunteering opportunities. Seniors Line - Information Sessions Supporting seniors with digital safety and navigating seniors support services. 2022 Resident End of Year Event Sustaining Tenancies partners - BHC, Bric Housing, BCC and Communify

24 BHC Creating Liveable Communities - Impact Report 2022-23 ACN: 101263834 Level 17, 333 Ann Street Brisbane City QLD 4000 GPO Box 544 Brisbane QLD 4001 P: 07 3307 3000 F: 07 3839 2000 E: W: Trading as BHC Creating Liveable Communities IMPACT REPORT 2022/23 Brisbane Housing Company Limited With sincere thanks to BHC residents for sharing their stories, images and experiences to help us measure and improve our services, and communicate our impact. It began with a simple chat. From the first moment Kris, BHC’s Community Liaison Coordinator, met Matty, a resident at one of our Fortitude Valley properties, they got along well. After regularly stopping for a chat in the communal spaces of the property, Matty began feeling comfortable sharing some of his mental health concerns with Kris. “Kris is a top bloke. Having him at the building was really good and convenient,” Matty commented. To help improve his mental health and well-being, Kris recommended taking daily walks and exercise, providing him with an exercise program he could do at his own pace and time. Not only did Matty take his advice, but he also bought dumbbells for working out at home and joined a local gym down the road from his complex. “Kris’ exercise program has been pretty good. I joined a gym nearby and can’t wait to do the program there.” At one of their catch ups, Matty discussed his desire to seek out paid work, leading Kris to refer him to BHC’s Resident Participation and Employment Coordinator, Anthony. Anthony played a crucial role in helping Matty to improve his job readiness - providing career counselling; co-creating his resume; engaging in joint job-searching and encouraging Matty to request increased support with his job provider. Following this advice and ongoing support from both Anthony and his job provider, Matty has recently been offered a job as a trolley collector at a local shopping centre. “Anthony’s support has meant a lot to me. I’m looking forward to starting my new job.” RESIDENT REFLECTIONS Meet Matty “Anthony’s support has meant a lot to me. I’m looking forward to starting my new job.” - Matty, BHC resident