Trent Bridge

WELCOME TO TRENT BRIDGE Dear Wagyu Breeders, The Perry family and our wonderful team are excited to welcome you to our inaugural Trent Bridge Wagyu bull sale Thursday 7th September. Although we are calling this our inaugural bull sale it is technically the second time our catalogue of bulls has gone to auction; 16 years ago, we put up our entire draft of six bulls through the ring with our great mates at Door Key Wagyu. We were lucky enough that two buyers were active that day and all the bulls sold. 16 years later we are proud to say that those first clients are still involved in the wagyu industry and continue to use Trent Bridge bulls. In that time, we have seen the most dramatic change to the shape and nature of the wagyu industry. In 2006 it would still have been polite to call wagyu a “niche breed”, today the Australian wagyu sector is a $2 billion dollar industry making a significant contribution to the $14 billion dollar Australian beef industry. The wagyu industry, like the broader cattle and sheep market has felt the forces of supply and demand over the last eight months which has seen a significant contraction in price after the record highs of 2022. That being said most wagyu grids still maintain a significant premium over other cattle breeds and continue to reward those that can continue to deliver a high value carcase. Compared to other sectors of the beef industry, the wagyu supply chain has a higher cost of production due to the long fed nature of the animal. With every additional marble score and kilogram of carcase weight there is significant upside in profitability of the animal. This puts into sharp focus the need for the right genetics on both the female and male side. At Trent Bridge we have been relentlessly focused on breeding high marbling cattle that will suit any operation from F1 to Fullblood and deliver a high-quality carcase. To this end the average EBV marble score of our catalogued bulls is 1.9 which is nearly double breed average. The 150 bulls catalogued represents by far the largest run of wagyu bulls to be put to market. Our aim in doing this is to ensure we can give all clients a large choice of bulls at commercial rates. Whether you are looking for extremely high marbling bulls with moderate growth and low birth weight for angus heifers, or high growth bulls with more maternal traits, then we have the bull for you. Our inaugural sale will be held on farm at our neighbouring property from 1pm AEST, with all bulls available for inspection from 10am, or prior to the sale by appointment. The live sale will be held in the ‘Bambi’ woolshed with video and online integration via AuctionsPlus, please note we will have active Wi-Fi for the sale which will enable internet access and Wi-Fi calls. Our family started breeding wagyu cattle because we just loved the product; we are very proud of the meat we produce in partnership with the Tajima Wagyu brand and look forward to sharing a ripping steak sandwich with you on sale day. We hope this day will become one you look forward to marking in your calendar each year. Charlie Visitors are to enter bull pens at their own risk. Children under 16 years are not permitted to enter the bull pens. All care is taken to ensure our bulls are consistently managed in a low stress environment. However, we cannot ever predict or guarantee an animal’s behaviour. Sale day places abnormal pressure on our bulls with crowds of people walking around them and so the behaviour of even the quietest bull can be unpredictable. With this in mind, we ask that while inspecting sale bulls you move around them quietly and respectfully. Please do not congregate in pens and be aware of bulls fighting. SALE DAY SAFETY