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HAND TOOLS HAND TOOLS 28 www.amarkgroup.com.au V Notch Notched Trowel Professional Finishing Trowel Notched Adhesive Spreader Professional U Notched Trowel Professional V notch trowel for the professional user ideal for mosaic tiles. A professional finishing trowel with a bright steel base and soft rubber grip handle. Perfect for a steel float finish. Notched adhesive spreader for wall and floor tiles. Flexible stainless steel blade. A market leading trowel for the professional user. Ergonomically designed handle for superior comfort and grip and tempered high carbon steel blade. CODE NOTCH SIZE BLADE SIZE PACK QTY FV3 3mm 280x115mm 6 FV12 12mm 280x115mm 6 CODE NOTCH SIZE BLADE SIZE PACK QTY NPS6 6mm 100mm 12 NPS10 10mm 100mm 12 CODE BLADE SIZE PACK QTY FFST 280x115mm 6 CODE BLADE SIZE PACK QTY FS1520 280x115mm 6