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HAND TOOLS HAND TOOLS 34 www.amarkgroup.com.au Wheels & handles included for easy loading. TLT Mortar Mixer 130 litre The MM130 is a compact and relatively light weight mortar mixer, custom made to TLT specifications. Powered by a 2.5 hp motor it will mix most materials used in the construction industry with ease(*). 250mm wheels and secondary loading wheels make it easy to transport and move around the jobsite, in addition its narrow 770mm width means it will fit through standard doorways. APPLICATIONS. . Sand & Cement Screeds . Cement . Mortar . Rubberised Bedding . Self-levelling compounds . Grout SPECIFICATIONS Code MM130 Drum Capacity 130L Mixing Capacity 100L Engine capacity 2.5hp Voltage 240V RPM 32rpm Length 810mm Width 770mm Height 1210mm Weight 100kg