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HAND TOOLS HAND TOOLS 36 www.amarkgroup.com.au Fine Medium Coarse SIGMA Replacement Sponge SIGMA Sponge Float SIGMA Float Handle Grout Clean Up Set Scouring Pads and Float Scouring Pads A genuine SIGMA clip on replacement grout sponge. A genuine SIGMA sponge float with a highly absorbant sponge. A genuine SIGMA handle for use with SIGMA sponges. A professional grout clean up set complete with 22 litre bucket, 3 grooved rollers, 2 castors, perforated cleaning grill and float with slotted Velcro hydro sponge. A professional float with a telescopic handle and Velcro base for attaching pads. Used for cleaning off excess wax, grout haze and general tile cleaning. Replacement scouring pads to suit 905 scouring float. 3 Different grades available. CODE SIZE PACK QTY 48L7RT 300x140x30mm 1 CODE SIZE PACK QTY 48L7 300x140x30mm 1 CODE PACK QTY 48DS1 1 CODE PACK QTY FCGCS 1 CODE SIZE PACK QTY 905 278x115mm 1 CODE SIZE PACK QTY 905W 278x115mm 100 905R 278x115mm 100 905B 278x115mm 100 Made in Italy Made in Italy Made in Italy