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HAND TOOLS HAND TOOLS 38 www.amarkgroup.com.au SIGMA Move Suction cups Description -Strong stain free suction cups for correct alignment of large format tiles. Can also be used on rough materials. CODE PACK QTY ART51G 1 SET Suction Cup Aluminium Textured Suction Cup A professional aluminium suction cap ideal for the removal of misplaced or cracked tiles with a lift capacity of 40kgs. Suction Cup with single handed operation ideal for use on textured tiles. Can lift up to 50 kg on smooth material and up to 34 kg on textured materials. CODE SIZE PACK QTY ASC 100mm 6 CODE SIZE PACK QTY TSC 115mm 12 Professional battery-powered vacuum lifter. Maximum lifting capacity: 170kg. The GRABO Pro-Lifter works perfectly with tiles, pavers, glass, wood, and other materials. It is equipped with a digital display that shows the maximum weight that can be safely lifted at that very moment. CODE GPRO GRABO Pro (Pro-Lifter 20) GPBATT 14.8VDC 2600mmAh Li-ion Battery GPCHARGER Multi Socket Battery Charger GPBAG GRABO Carry Bag