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HAND TOOLS HAND TOOLS 42 www.amarkgroup.com.au Roller Frame 230mm Heavy Duty Paint Brush Waterproofing Kit Floor Scraper Roller Cover 230mm Wall Floor Scraper ( Heavy Duty) Heavy duty roller frame with curved roller head to prevent roller slippage. Designed for durability and easy attachment and removal of rollers. An economical paint brush with pure hog’s bristle, ideal for waterproofing. A heavy duty metal floor scraper with a replaceable blade ideal for cleaning off old glue etc. Polyester 230mm roller sleeve with high holding capacity and low splatter. Ideal for applying waterproofing membrane or paint, used with RF230 roller frame. A heavy-duty wall/floor scraper suitable for removing old glue etc. CODE SIZE PACK QTY RF230 230mm 12 CODE SIZE PACK QTY PB75 75mm 24 PB100 100mm 12 CODE INCLUDES PACK QTY WPKIT 1 x Plastic Roller Tray 265mm 1 x Roller Frame 230mm 2 x Roller Covers 230mm 1 x Paint Brush 100mm 1 CODE SIZE PACK QTY RC230 230mm 12 CODE SIZE PACK QTY FS200 1500mm (H) x 200mm (W) 1 FS200S 200mm (replacement blade) 1 CODE PACK QTY WS125 1 SB125 (125mm Replacement Blade) 5