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HAND TOOLS HAND TOOLS 45 ph: 1800 804 297 e: sales@amarkgroup.com.au Professional Skeleton Gun Lambswool Applicator with Handle & Cover Tubular Sealant Gun Lambswool Cover Anti-Slip Tape HiTec Shower Sealant Kit 250ml Silicone Applicator Twin Pack PVC Angle A quality caulking gun to suit 310mL cartridge, with a swivel handle and ladder hook. A professional Lambswool applicator ideal for applying sealers to large areas of slate, terracotta etc. Removable cover and metal telescopic handle. A professional tubular gun for use with 600mL bulk cartridges. Replacement Lambswool cover to suit WY004 applicator. Black anti-slip tape with adhesive strip ideal for marble or tiled staircases. Available in Black and Clear. A clear brush on solution that waterproofs grouts. Coverage 5m² per litre when used on concrete and mosaics. 15-20m² when used on 300 x 300mm tiles. A quick, clean, and efficient tool for a professional finish on silicone joints. A lightweight, flexible PVC angle. CODE PACK QTY SA1 2 CODE SIZE PACK QTY SSG 380mm 15” 1 CODE SIZE PACK QTY ISGPRO 310m cartridge 1 CODE SIZE PACK QTY WY004 230x75mm 1 CODE SIZE PACK QTY HSS1 250ml 1 CODE SIZE PACK QTY LAS 230x75mm 1 CODE SIZE PACK QTY AB1S Anti-Slip Tape 25mmx5m 1 AB2C Anti-Slip Tape Clear 25mmx5m 1 CODE SIZE PACK QTY P25 25x25x1.5x3000m 45 P40 50x40x2x3000mm 30 P75 75x50x1.5x3000mm 30 Packaging Tape CODE SIZE PACK QTY PP30C Packing Tape 48mmx75m 1