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HAND TOOLS HAND TOOLS 46 www.amarkgroup.com.au Diamond Hand Pad A professional diamond hand pad, ideal for smoothing of porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite and stoneware edges. Pad size 90x55. CODE SIZE PACK QTY DHP60 Diamond Hand Pad 60Grit 1 DHP120 Diamond Hand Pad 120Grit 1 DHP200 Diamond Hand Pad 200Grit 1 DHP400 Diamond Hand Pad 400Grit 1 DHP800 Diamond Hand Pad 800Grit 1 DHP1500 Diamond Hand Pad 1500Grit 1 DHP3000 Diamond Hand Pad 3000Grit 1 Clear Stretch Film Premium Grade Duct Tape Hand stretch film ideal for wrapping pallets of tiles etc. Excellent cling factor film clings to itself not to the goods. Premium grade PVC tape. CODE SIZE PACK QTY SW500 500mmx 400m x 25UM 4 CODE SIZE PACK QTY DT30 48mm x 30m 36 Rubber Mallet 24oz A trade-quality white rubber mallet with a timber handle. Ideal for the tradesmen. Non-Marking. CODE PACK QTY 1624 6