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TILE SPACERS TILE SPACERS 63 ph: 1800 804 297 e: sales@amarkgroup.com.au Simple and easy to use the Align It tile levelling system ensures all your tiled projects are lippage free. A reinforced clip and ergonomic wedge ensures this is the levelling system of choice for the professional tiler. Step 1: Installing Clips Spread the tile adhesive on the floor/wall as per the manufactures requirements and place the tile in desired position. Place base of the Align It clip under the tile and ensure the vertical component is firmly against the edge of the tile. The clip can also serve as a 1.5mm spacer. Step 2: Laying Tiles Lay the next tile alongside the first one and ensure it is against the vertical component of the Align It clip. Insert the Align It wedge into the Align It clip and increase pressure ensuring ‘V’ grooves on both clip and wedge are engaged until both tiles are perfectly level and there is no lippage. Repeat this step for all tiles until job is complete. (Please note once tiles are locked into position this is how they will remain for the life of the tiled surface). Step 3: Removing the Clips When the adhesive has set the clips can be removed by kicking them with your foot or with a rubber mallet. Ensure the clips are kicked or hit in the direction of the joint, they will not break correctly if kicked or hit against the joint. Align It wedges can be kept and reused on future jobs with Align It clips. ALIGN-IT Tile Levelling System 1 2 2 3