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PEDESTALS PEDESTALS 65 ph: 1800 804 297 e: sales@amarkgroup.com.au PEDESTALS VERSATILE AND DURABLE TLT Align It Pedestals are suitable for use in both internal and external areas. Made from high-quality polypropylene, they can be used in situations exposed to direct external weather conditions and in a temperature range from -30C to + 55C. STANDARD Series Adjustable pedestal is a versatile solution for raised outdoor tiled/paved areas. The height can be adjusted from 30 up to 420 mm and smooth height regulation with a rotating screw nut, allows the height to be regulated with the tiles on it. For fast height adjustment, a drill with a driver bit can be used. The STANDARD pedestal has proved it’s quality and usage on thousands of projects. Spiral Series Adjustable pedestal allows the height of tiled/paved areas to be regulated in a range from 10 to 210 mm. SPIRAL Series has a substantial load capacity. The height can be easily adjusted in 1mm increments from a height of 10mm and up. MAX Series Adjustable height pedestal is the most advanced and durable of all our pedestals. The pedestal base and head have a wide diameter which provide stable support. The unique double screw gives a larger height range with each pedestal meaning you can reach any height on your project with only 3 pedestal types. Superior pedestal construction has a lot of advantages, it makes the MAX Series pedestals ready to be used on most advanced requirement projects. MAX Series has a wide range of additional accessories.