A Mark Group

PEDESTALS PEDESTALS 69 ph: 1800 804 297 e: sales@amarkgroup.com.au Standard Height Coupler 100mm Standard Self Leveling Head 7% Height coupler allows the pedestal height to be extended by an additional 100mm. With a slope range from 0% to 7%, this Self Levelling Head gives an additional height of 16mm to your tiled/paved area. CODE SIZE PACK QTY PPSHC100 100mm 100 CODE PACK QTY PPSSLH 90 Adjustable Spiral Pedestal 10-17mm SPIRAL Series Adjustable pedestal allows the height of tiled/paved areas to be regulated in a range from 10 to 210 mm. SPIRAL Series has a substantial load capacity. The height can be easily adjusted in 1mm increments from a height of 10mm and up. CODE SIZE PACK QTY PPS1017 Adjustable Pedestal 10 -17mm 125 PPAS3 Spacer 3 mm Pedestal height range 10 - 17 mm Height adjustment step height regulation (1 mm) Pedestal dimensions 185 × 185 × (10 - 17) mm Pedestals load capacity 2400 kg Material - plastic Where to use • external balconies • interior raised floors Subsurface • hard subsurface • sensitive subsurface • sloped surface