CCBR Business Review

8 CENTRAL COAST FRUIT juice company, Eastcoast Foods & Beverages has released a new range of products aimed at the cock- tail drink market but without the alcohol. Already renowned for their range of Eastcoast Juice products, spring water and Lentini Sparkling Water, which is bottled at the source at their Kulnura facility, the com- pany has now developed a new concept aligned toward a trending market that is steering away from alcoholic beverages. Under The GOOD DROP brand, there are four flavours; Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Pina Colada and Vodka Sunrise. What dif- ferentiates these products is, although there is absolutely 0% alcohol, they mimic the flavour profile of the popular spirits they are based on – tequila, vodka and white rum, giving the consumer the taste of the cock- tail they love, without the effects of alcohol. Eastcoast Managing Director, Samuel Lentini said that a ‘cool sober’ trend has been developing in Europe for some time, and the demand for products like these have now clearly reached Australian shores. “We want to be on the front foot with this new trend,” he said. “There are many dif- ferent reasons a person may choose to not drink alcohol, but still want to feel like they are – and that’s why we wanted to develop premium options that are as close as you can get to the real thing.” “Woolworths NSW have introduced The G00D Drop on a trial basis for three weeks and, if successful, will give us a permanent place in the retail market. We are also part- nering with other great local businesses like The Ary Toukley, who have introduced The G00D Drop to their customer base and added all four flavours to their new and exciting cocktail and non-alcoholic cocktail menu.” Orange Juice and Spring Water in cans – an alternative to plastic packaging Canned lemonade from Six Strings Brewery and Eastcoast Beverages Service Innovation driving Eastcoast Beverages B U S I N E S S N E W S Meanwhile, staying true to their brand ethos that aims to waste nothing of what they produce, Eastcoast’s Return – Regrow – Re-Juice philosophy and their continuing improvement approach to sustainability and recycling, Mr. Lentini said, “We have to be innovative in the way we do things and that means we have to look at alternatives to plastic packaging.” As a first step, Eastcoast has partnered with Erina boutique brewery, Six String Brewing Co to produce a joint-branded 375ml canned lemonade using local lemons grown on the Eastcoast farm, and ginger beer. The GOOD DROP product range from Eastcoast Beverages CENTRAL COAST BUSINESS REVIEW FEBRUARY 2021