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7 B U S I N E S S N E W S Central Coast at World Hydrogen Summit Rotterdam Innovators and creators from around the world vied for top honours in this unique, long-running SXSW competition. “The Award is recognition of our ability to put renewable hydrogen into use with HERO® today, to solve real energy challenges, and in particular the energy draw of the digital economy,” Mr Horvath said. “The most logical, viable pathway to decarbonising our entire world is through technologies that address the heat and energy requirements across a products’ whole production process, and HERO® does that.” The digital economy demands a huge amount of energy, but solar, wind and batteries won’t serve its total needs – which is why there is so much interest in green hydrogen as an energy source. HERO® can liberate the energy stored in renewable hydrogen without the complexities of burning it. With HERO® for instance, data centers and other Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure can be energy independent. The beauty of HERO® is its scalability. When partnered with technology such as Star Scientific’s Deputy CEO Matthew Hingerty, Global Group Chairman, Andrew Horvath, and CEO of the Australian Hydrogen Council, Fiona Simon at the Austrade stand at Rotterdam. CENTRAL COAST HYDROGEN research and development company Star Scientific recently represented the Coast at the World Hydrogen Summit at Rotterdam. Star Scientific were part of a large contingent of Australian hydrogen companies and government representatives that were centred around a major marketing effort led by Austrade. Star Scientific played an integral role as their Global Chairman, Andrew Horvath is a member of the global hydrogen advisory board of the Sustainable Energy Council, the body that organised the event. Both Mr Horvath and Deputy CEO Matthew Hingerty addressed the event, which included global public and private sector leaders in hydrogen. While hydrogen has rapidly developed as an important source of renewable energy, Mr Horvath and Mr Hingerty emphasised the important role that green hydrogen and Star Scientific’s unique catalyst, HERO® will play in providing carbon-free process heat for industrial purposes. Both men emphasised the historic pilot project between Star Scientific and Mars Foods Australia. Indeed, the historic collaboration between the two Central Coast pioneers was featured on the world stage during the World Hydrogen Awards, where it was nominated for the Project category. Unfortunately, they had to settle for second best behind the multi-billion project in Saudi Arabia to create the new sustainable city of Neom – pretty prestigious company for Berkely Vale! Mr Horvath said that “while we were disappointed not to win, Neom is a highly publicised multi-billion dollar project and this was the second time it had won the award. But make no mistake, we were overwhelmed by the interest shown in the Mars Food project. It is a real testament to Bill Heague and all the team at Mars – the world is noticing.” Mr Horvath said Star Scientific was looking to further discussions on HERO® and the Mars Food pilot at the Americas Summit in Washington DC is October, which is being sponsored by the United States Government. Star Scientific wins New Economy Innovation Award Meanwhile, earlier this year in March, Star Scientific won the 24th Annual South by Southwest® (SXSW) Innovation Awards in the New Economy category, held in Austin, Texas recognising the most innovative tech developments in the connected world. Commenting on the win Mr Horvath said, “We are absolutely thrilled that our HERO® was selected as winner for these prestigious awards.” the new generation of super-critical sCO2 turbines, HERO® can be utilised for smallscale, off-the-grid power generation purposes, particularly in regional and remote locations. South By Southwest® (SXSW) is an annual award hosted to celebrate and honour the individuals and companies who do the most innovative, creative, and inspirational work in their respective fields. f Automated transactions inMYOB and XERO Personal service backed up with 30 years experience Committed to making your business grow FOR YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEM SOLVING Mr David Gaian, Star Scientific’s representative at the SXSW Innovation Awards CENTRAL COAST BUSINESS REVIEW JUNE 2022