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CONTINUED PAGE 2 CCCAUST NEWSLETTER CCCAUST.ORG | T 02 9626 0055 At the last meeting of the National Committee in Perth, Christian Community Churches held its AGM. One item of business was the retirement of the Chair and election of his replacement. NEW CHAIR FEBRUARY 2O19 T his was a time for reflection on the past four years of Dr David Smith’s tenure under whose leadership we have seen some significant achievements as a national movement. We thank God for the consolidation and strengthening of what has become a strong, vibrant and truly national movement, which is growing and planting new churches, and launching new ventures in mission and training of leaders. We have faced some significant challenges in an increasingly unsympathetic and hostile secular culture. In days when our Christian values and freedoms have been challenged, we have been blessed with David’s grace and wisdom in bringing out the best in our committee, and in the wider national leadership team. He has taken up those challenges to contend for the faith that underpins our movement. We should certainly take the opportunity to thank David, to wish him well and to encourage him to continue his enthusiastic involvement with our national board. In addition to David’s retirement as chair, we also wish to acknowledge Brad Scott, whose tenure as National Secretary also draws to a close. As a founding member of the fledgling national steering committee, which was to eventually become CCCAust, I recall how Brad has been a generous and effective servant of our movement, in helping oversee the immense task of establishing CCCAust as the new national administrative organisation which it is. This has involved the coordination of each of our state marriage celebrant nominating authorities, and supporting them in becoming an effective and cohesive, legally compliant arm of our movement. We also take the opportunity to welcome some new faces to the key roles of Chair, Deputy Chair, and Secretary. As the new Chair of Christian Community Churches of Australia my face is perhaps not so new, having previously supported David as the Deputy Chair. For those who do not know me, I am the Senior Pastor of Craigmore Christian Church in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, where I have been ministering with my lovely wife Margaret since 1999. Our church owns and operates Hope Christian College which is an R-12 school with around 730 students, and Yangala Retirement Village; both ministries in which I also serve as Chair. We have two adult children, Chloe and Zac, who are both serving the Lord in the ministry of the gospel. Zac is Production Manager for 1079 FM, a Christian radio station in Adelaide. Chloe is a professional counsellor practicing in a consultancy in the Adelaide CBD. She also consults in child protection services, and is the wife of Nathan, who is Associate Pastor at Aldinga Bay Baptist Church. We also have three grandchildren: Lily, aged 9,