Elliston Eyre Peninsula

Memorial Dr Wandana Rd East Tce Kapara Rd Sixth St Little Bay Rd First St Seventh St Yandra Dr Airpor t Rd Government Rd Colton Back Rd Waratah Dr Clementine Dr Stormbird Rd Spindrift Rd Esplanade Wookata Dr Flinders Hwy Sundowner Dr South Tce Nor th Tce Colton Back Rd Silo Rd Waratah Rd Flinders Hwy A n x i o u s B a y C l i f f t o p D r i v e Dinnison Cr t Agars Cr t Scott Cr t Beach Tce Beach Tce P a r d a n a R d G a nne t Crs W a t e r l o o B a y D r R u p a r a C r t Second St Boords Beach Rd L i t t l e B a y C l i f f t o p D r i v e Third St Four th St Anxious Bay Clifftop Drive WATERLOO BAY Bird Rock Point Wellington Boords Beach Town Beach Millikan’s Beach Cliffs Little Bay Lookout Elliston Area School Silos Waste Transfer Station Elliston Jetty Lake Hamp Golf Course Cemetery Aboriginal Monument Memorial Oval & Tennis Courts Sk8 Park RV Dump Point Childrens Centre P P P P Elliston To Lock 91 km Por t Lincoln 168 km Flinders Hwy Flinders Hwy Birdseye Hwy Anxious Bay Clifftop Drive Elliston Black Fellows ANXIOUS BAY GREAT AUSTRALIAN BIGHT Cape Finniss Bird Rock Elliston Jetty Lake Hamp Wellesley Point Salmon Point Wellington Point Cliffs Little Bay Lookout C l i f f t o p D r i v e Clementine Dr Stormbird Rd Spindrift Rd Waratah Rd WATERLOO BAY L i t t l e B a y C l i f f t o p D r i v e Silo Rd Colton Back Rd Elliston Clifftop Drives To Por t Lincoln To Lock To Venus Bay 61 km Por t Kenny 63 km Streaky Bay 125 km P Public BBQ Boat Ramp Caravan Park Cemetery Chemist Food Fuel Hospital Mechanical Memorial Motel Parking Picnic Table Playground Police Post Office Public Telephone Public Toilet RV Dump Point Safe Swimming Scenic Lookout Supermarket Surfing Visitor Info Outlet Walking/Cycling Track S LEGEND To Streaky Bay