Elliston Eyre Peninsula

Leo Cummings Monument Lookout E3 Leo Cummings (pioneering family of Sheringa district) drowned when the crayfish boat ‘Wangaree’ was wrecked on the rocks at the base of the cliffs near Kiana in 1959 and the monument was erected in his honour. This site boasts uninterrupted views to Point Drummond in the south and to the rugged cliffs of Sheringa in the north and is home to a family of osprey that nest on a craggy pinnacle adjacent the lookout. There is an access road and car park, with plenty of room for caravans. Lake Hamilton Eating House E4 Built around 1857, the Eating House was used as a stopping place for coaches and travellers on their way to the Far West Coast until the 1880s. The Port Lincoln Caledonian Society restored the property in 1972 to its original condition. Today, it’s the ideal rest spot, providing a fascinating glimpse of the region’s history. Sheringa / Round Lake E4 A popular camping area which is supported by a well stocked roadhouse, visit Sheringa for its magnificent white sand dunes, rugged cliffs and great salmon fishing and surfing. Locks Well D3 One of the most reliable locations for catching Australian salmon in South Australia, Locks Well beach consistently produces big salmon. Accessible by a safe, 120 metre wooden staircase (283 steps), there are also amenities and a look-out offering panoramic views of the rugged coastline and a great photo opportunity to capture a stunning West Coast sunset. Elliston Clifftop Drives See pages 6 and 7 for more information. Walker’s Rock C3 Part of the Lake Newland Conservation Park, Walker’s Rock offers you the opportunity to swim, snorkel, surf and fish on one of the longest beaches on the West Coast. Access onto the beach is by 4WD drive, experienced drivers only. Coastal camping is permitted. Lake Newland Conservation Park C3 A natural saline lake 20km in length, Lake Newland is the most extensive wetland on Eyre Peninsula, providing an excellent opportunity to observe the waterfowl and wading birds that inhabit the wetlands. The lake section of the park is only accessible by 4WD. A day visit and camping area at Walker’s Rock (managed by the local council) provides 2WD access to the coast. For more information visit www.parks.sa.gov.au Colton historic town site and Colton Cemetery C3 An old pioneer town, complete with a hotel, church, school and cemetery. The cemetery is the burial site of the first Greek settler to South Australia, George Tramountanas (North), who arrived in SA in 1822 at the age of 20. He loved the land and the sea and brought with him the skills and knowledge of his homeland. His headstone tells his story both in Greek and English. An olive grove lines the walk to the gate in his honour. Fact sheets are available from the Elliston Community and Visitor Information Centre. Talia Caves & Talia Beach B3 Talia Beach offers good beach and rock fishing. Visit ‘The Woolshed’, a large cavern carved into the cliff by wave action. A walkway and wooden steps provide access onto the rocks to view the cave with its honeycombed ceiling, dark crevices and nearby blowholes. Not far away is ‘The Tub’, a large crater with a tunnel connection to the sea. It is 10 - 30 metres deep and 50 metres across. Beyond ‘The Tub’ is a dramatic cliff face that offers long views to the south along Talia Beach. The monument to Sister DB Millard who drowned 24th June 1928 is also located here. Mt Camel Beach B2 This pristine beach offers excellent year round surf fishing for salmon, mullet and large Australian herring (tommy ruff). Venus Bay South Head Walking Trail & Needle Eye Lookout B2 Walk the South Head Walking Trail at Venus Bay and see pods of dolphins surfing and frolicking through the waves at the bay’s entrance. Visitors might also spot Australian sea lions, sea eagles and from May to October this is a great viewing spot for the Southern Right Whales as they migrate to the Great Australian Bight. The Needle Eye Lookout offers spectacular vistas of natural rock formations, rugged cliffs and breathtaking views of the coastline. Feel the fresh Southern Ocean breeze while standing at lookouts and soak up some of the best views that the Great Australian Bight and Eyre Peninsula has to offer. Venus Bay Conservation Park B2 The park comprises Weyland Peninsula and the seven islands within Venus Bay. There are over 100 species of birds, 12 species of native mammals and 25 reptile species in the park. Visit www.parks.sa.gov.au for more information.​ 4 ATTRACTIONS WEEVIL COCOONS The area is home to 100,000 year-old fossil cocoons locally known as ‘clogs’. The weevils that create these cocoons (Leptoptus duponti) still inhabit this area.