Elliston Eyre Peninsula

Murphys Haystacks A1 An outcrop of unique pink granite boulders, Murphys Haystacks is a great photo opportunity. It’s located 40km south east of Streaky Bay on the road to Calca and Point Labatt. Visitors can take the walkway between the two groups of rock outcrops and read the interpretive signage. These ancient wind worn granite inselbergs, huge rocks purported to be over 1500 million years old, occur in numerous places on the Peninsula. Entry is by donation at the gate. Chain of Bays A1 Sceale Bay, Searcy Bay, Baird Bay, Corvisart Bay. For more information visit www.chainofbays.com.au Point Labatt B1 A purpose built viewing platform 50 metres above the seal colony allows you to closely observe the only permanent colony of Australian sea lions (Neophoca cinera) on the Australian mainland, with the aid of interpretative signage. Binoculars and / or a telephoto lens are recommended for enhanced viewing. Mount Wedge C4 Mount Wedge is made of a very rare form of granite with only one other mountain in the world being of the same formation. Cereal crops and sheep are the mainstay of this area. Mt Wedge School historic site 1914 - 1970 Memorial plaque on southern side of Birdseye Highway near Mt Wedge. Sylvia Birdseye commemorative plaque C5 (north side of highway) A commemoration stone was laid at the halfway mark (northern side) when the Birdseye Highway was sealed in 2003. Polda Pumping Station C5 First commissioned in 1962, Polda augments the Tod water supply to much of Eyre Peninsula. Polda Historic Golf Course C5 (north side of highway) Limestone rocks were cleared during early settlement to make way for a golf course. The cairns of cleared rocks still stand today as a visible reminder of social activities nearly a hundred years ago. Hincks and Hambidge Wilderness Protection Areas and Bascombe Well Conservation Park Comprising over 25,000 ha of mallee country, Hambidge Wilderness Protection Area is home to Prominent Hill (143m high). Hincks Wilderness Protection Area is approximately 66,300 ha. Both parks are accessible from Lock, as is Bascombe Well Conservation Park where you can discover ruins and excellent wildflower displays between August and October. For more information visit www.parks.sa.gov.au A B C D E 1 2 3 4 5 6 Sheringa Beach Cummings Monument Lookout Tunkgetta Reef Locks Well Waterloo Bay Anxious Bay Walker’s Rock Waldegrave Islands LAKE NEWLAND CONSERVATION PARK Talia Beach Cape Radstock Point Labatt Baird Bay Sealion Colony Mount Camel Beach Venus Bay VENUS BAY CONSERVATION PARK Sceale Bay Searcy Bay Cape Finniss Cap Island Ward Islands Pearsons Islands Flinders Island Topgallant Isles Murdinga Polda Mt Wedge School site Pumping Station Tooligie Hill Malache Flat Nowhere Else Warrachie RS Tooligie Tooligie Rang Conical Hill Lake Lake Hamilton Eating House Hamilton Round Lake Lake Elliston Cemetery Tungketta Horne Lookout Sheoak Hill Bramfield Lake Newland (salt) Talia Round Hill Talia Caves Calca Peninsula Calca Baird Bay Bramfield Hill Sheringa Hill Wild Dog Gully Mount Damper Cocata Hill Uncontitchie Hill PordiaHill Moonlight Flat Yainee Colton Coodlie Park Bald Hill Oakdale Talia Hill Mount Misery Murphys Haystacks to Point Labatt Warramboo Pinbong Pygery Mt Cora B P McLachlan Lake Warramboo Kopi Natuma Mount Camel Colley Hill Mount Cooper Kyancutta Hill Round Lake Pro Kappawanta Hill MtWedge Polda Kyancutta Wudinna Lock Elliston Sheringa Sceale Bay Port Kenny Venus Bay Flinders Hwy Mt Damper Rd Pt Kenny Rd Eyre Hwy Birdseye Hwy Eyre Hwy Mt Damper Rd Kyancutta to Elliston Rd Tod Hwy Tod Hwy Birdseye Hwy White Well Rd Hambidge Drive Flinders Hwy Flinders Hwy Colton Back Rd Grove Rd Rocky Valley Rd Pt Kenny Rd KULLIPARU CONSERVATION PARK KULLIPARUCONS RESERVE COCATA CONSERVATION RESERVE COCATA CONSERVATION RESERVE CALPATANNA WATERHOLE CONSERVATION PARK VENUSBAY CONSRESERVE BARWELL CONS RESERVE BARWELL CONSERVATION PARK PINKAWILLINIE CONSERVATION RESERVE HAMBIDGE WILDERNESS PROTECTION AREA HINCKS WILDERNESS PROTECTION AREA PEACHNA CONS RES BASCOMBE WELL CONS PARK BASCOMBEWELL CONSRESERVE COCATA CONSERVATION RESERVE KULLIPARUCONS RESERVE KULLIPARUCONS RESERVE KULLIPARUCONS RESERVE KILOMETRES 0 10 20 District Map Highway Bitumen Road Dirt Road 4WD Only Boat Ramp Camping Caravan Park Cemetery Fishing Spot Food Fuel Mechanical Photo Spot Picnic Table Public BBQ Seal/Sealion colony Surfing Spot Swimming Spot Toilets LEGEND Highway Bitumen Road Dirt Road 4WD Only Boat Ramp Caravan Park Cemetery Fishing Spot Food Fuel Mechanic l Photo Sp t Picnic Table Public BBQ Highway Bitumen Road Dirt Road 4WD Only Boat Ramp Caravan Park Cemetery Fishing Spot Food Fuel Mechanical Photo Spot Picnic Table lic Seal/Sealion colony Surfing Spot Swi ing Spot Toilets