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W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 5 I N S I D E I S S U E O 2 contents P!NK Anyone else arriving on a flame-throwing chandelier might seema little over the top. But it's P!nk For Simone Callahan, it’s all about yoga. She has dedicated her time to learning the ins and outs of the practice while helping others do the same. H U T Y O G A & W E L L N E S S R E D H I L L SIMONE CALLAHAN 10 The newest secret destination lies at the southern tip of the island where the sunsets are exquisite, the beaches are pristine and the cocktails are still ‘Bali price’. Welcome to Uluwatu! S E C R E T S O F U L U W A T U 16 In her early 20s, Peta Shulman was finally diagnosedwith an autoimmune condition after being tired all the time, suffering fromheadaches, heavy limbs and achingmuscles. GOODNESS ME 46 34 28 H U N T I N G H U E C H O P ' N C H I L L Hunting Hue brings a fun and contemporary concept into a historic area of Sydney - The Rocks. A love for the industry, along with extensive researching of various cuisines around the world, we had the chance to sit down and chat with Chop ‘n Chill Franchisor queen, Jacqueline Cudmore. jill_womensculture www.jillmagazine.com.au jillwomensculture G E T S O C I A L Sally Fitzgibbons 6

6 J I L L A U S T R A L I A Sally Fitzgibbons Photo courtesy of Steve Baccon via Women’s Health

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 7 When we think about surfing, we subconsciously associate all that goes with it with leisure. An idyll of white sand and lazy, sunlit afternoons on coconutstrewn beachfronts. Throw in a pina colada for good measure. But below the surface of this nirvana is all the dedication, all the hard work, all the tenets of business. And Sally Fitzgibbons is certainly one savvy businesswoman. SURFER, ATHLETE, ENTREPRENEUR Photo courtesy of Steve Baccon via Women’s Health

8 J I L L A U S T R A L I A ow did you get sponsors at an early age? My first sponsor was at the age of 11 and it was all in industry. That continued into my late teens, it was a different line of work, you would be put on these boat trips sent out to the middle of the ocean to get the idyllic shots in the latest boardshorts, bikinis, surf gear, you name it. We got to surf the best waves in the world but in a sense, you were doing this apprenticeship to learn that if I sell this dream and sell enough bikinis, boardshorts, this product - that’s going to lead to me getting the funding to be able to travel globally, to be able to do this full time. Before I knew it, I’m developing all these skills (Modelling, TV interviews, Photography, Travel planning, budgeting, event planning, Social Media posting…) that I never thought were entailed in being a professional surfer. I kind of considered I was being lectured along the way and if I took the right notes then that’s pretty much my own little sub course of becoming a self-sustainable business. How did you cultivate your brand? From 11 to 20, I developed these skills and then it’s almost like this leap of faith when you do burst out from under the umbrella of a Roxy for 10 years and a Billabong and go… I’m going to go and pursue brands that haven’t thought of surfing like Accor Hotels or Under Armour. You have to take the ownership on board, that’s when I really developed that entrepreneurial Sally Fitzgibbons brand. H People still hold on to that picture of a surfer: palm trees, sitting around a fire For someone who has amassed twelve event wins on the world stage, Sally still remains humble and above all, true to herself and her course Photo courtesy of WSL

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 9 When I go out there, I’m just trying to share one little piece of authenticity about my exciting journey or adventure and I just thought if I could keep sharing a piece of something, over the 20 years, it’s stitched together into a very solid platform. One of the things that does surprise people a lot of the time is that I still do all my own social posts, so I only feed stuff into it that’s purely me. Howmuch time for sponsors? You’re weighing up constantly the amount of time and energy you can put towards something. There was a time there when I was first on tour where the events were a bit shaky, they were popping up and then they were disappearing and you think ‘oh gosh’ maybe there will be no more, I will do these short-term ones. Then you get to that point where you realise this is the amount of time I have to offer, any more that I give, that will affect my performance and my training. It’s always a really fine balance. You’re walking this tightrope of thinking you just don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver. I would be selling myself and a sponsor short if I’m not going to be home for four months and they’re expecting to partner with me, do a collaboration and be promoting this partnership within two weeks. I’m very organised with a small close knit team. Work-life balance? When your work is global, you’re never going to be able to say it fits in this box from 9 to 5. It seems scary to some people but there’s not a moment in the day where I don’t think about it. Sometimes I go to the very depths of my energy levels, but all of it for me has felt worth it, I feel like everything I’ve done is so true to me. It’s been going on 20-odd years and I still love it just as much. Advice for gaining sponsors? Alignment is so key, alignment with brands. You just have to really have your own strong identity. For some weird reason, as soon as you start trying to be something else, the whole environment knows it, it repels where you want to go. Just try and stay true to your course. Uniquely, Sally must constantly perform and prove her business publicly. Whether it’s gunning for the world title, nailing a photo shoot or speaking at promotional events, the success of her brand hinges on every visible moment. Sally is not only aware of this, she embraces it. To find out more see sallyfitzgibbons.com As soon as you start trying to be something else, the whole environment knows it, it repels where you want to go Photo courtesy of Steve Baccon via Women’s Health

10 J I L L A U S T R A L I A When I found yoga, I found a glimpse of myself I hadn’t seen for a long time. The more I practised yoga, the more I noticed the changes occurring in me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I started my journey over 20 years ago after a trip to India – the home of yoga. Inspired by chanting from the temples close by to where I was staying, I took myself to a local bookstore and picked up a book by B.K.S Iyengar, ‘Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health’. It was a great starting point to read about the history and philosophy behind yoga, from explaining poses to the how and whys. It left me wanting to try it for myself. Upon returning home, I was keen to find a studio that taught the Iyengar style. Back then they were few and far between, not in every suburb like today or available online. Still, my girlfriend and I managed to find one. Looking back, I appreciate how fortunate I was to learn from amazing teachers in a studio setting and have that experience and expertise as my foundation to learn such a sacred practice. Yoga is for everybody. For Simone Callahan, it’s all about yoga. She has dedicated her time to learning the ins and outs of the practice while helping others do the same. Simone is a trained instructor teaching at Hut Yoga &Wellness in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula while also holding her own beach sessions. After being inspired in the birthplace of yoga, she brought profound holistic teachings back home and into her life. Simone Callahan H U T Y O G A & W E L L N E S S R E D H I L L hutyoga.wellness | simonecallahan P

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 11 SI M O N E C A L L A H A N Recognised globally as the most widely adopted yoga method, Iyengar is known for its focus on precision, alignment, sequencing, timing, and the use of props. I used to practise once a week, but now it’s daily since I completed my teacher training back in 2017 and realised how beneficial it was to commit to regularly. Yoga really is a study of self. It allows you to unveil the layers, it’s a transformation – you’re living life more consciously. Yoga goes much deeper than the physical benefits and it helped me get out of my head. It allows you to just observe yourself. You make peace with yourself, which is a beautiful thing to have and that spills over into every aspect of your life. Everybody can do yoga. The more you practise, the more you notice changes occurring in your mind, body, and spirit. You learn to become calmer, more grounded, more peaceful, more connected and that filters through into your day-to-day life. Not only that, but it quietens the noise in your mind. There’s a letting go. Yoga reminds you to slow down. You take control. You become a better human for yourself and for your family and friends. It teaches you to be present in the moment, which cultivates freedom because you’re not worrying about the past or focussing on the future. Through the poses, you focus on the breath, your body, your alignment and you take control of the here and now. It’s about building the tools needed to live a life with more ease. Yoga is basically a guide to peace. The Sanskrit name for yoga is union: the act of joining or being joined. Yoga is an exercise of connecting the mind to body to spirit and that’s where peace lies. When we prioritise what unites us and not what separates us, we embrace the meaning of yoga. So, it’s more than just the physical. It’s about a journey to inner peace and living life regardless of what’s going on outside. Even if the world is falling to pieces, on the inside we can remain still, calm, and in the moment… the only place life exists. Photos courtesy of Christina Ryan

12 J I L L A U S T R A L I A C A P T U R I N G T H E I N C R E DI B L E E X P E R I E N C E S A N D A W E-I N S P I R I N G L A N D S C A P E S O F T H E P L A C E S W E T R AV E L I S A L L PA R T O F T H E F U N O F T R AV E L L I N G. B U T H O W C A N Y O U E N S U R E Y O U S N A P T H E B E S T P O S S I B L E P IC T U R E T O E N C A P S U L A T E Y O U R M E M O R I E S ? Top Tips for Travel Photos U P T H E H I L L N s e w T I PS B Y Annabel Claire

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 13 As an avid travel photographer and adventurer, it’s safe to say I’ve picked up a few tips along the way. Here are my top five tips for taking travel photos. 1. V I SI T T H E P L A C E M O R E T H A N O N C E This may not be practical in your itinerary, but if you’ve got the flexibility (or you are in the planning stage), I highly recommend factoring in revisiting a spot to get that perfect shot. The reasons being 1) visiting first to scout out the location, trial different compositions, and test which time of day will be the best lighting never goes astray; and 2) you may want to visit at different times of the day for a different mood – such as sunrise or sunset. I almost always visit a spot more than once, which generally means the second time around I get the shot I was after. Don’t forget to pack extra batteries for multiple visits, although if you’re like me and you have a Nikon Z 5, the USB charging capabilities make it optimum for on-the-go travel – simply charge from the car during your road trip, from a portable battery, or easily at your accommodation. 2. P L A C E A S U B J E C T I N T H E I M A G E The word ‘travel’ in itself means there is movement; a journey to be had. Placing yourself or even your family within the image can evoke that sense of adventure and depict people experiencing a place, rather than just the place itself. If you are travelling alone or want to get every member of the fam (yourself included) in the photo, it’s always a good idea to use a camera with a self-timer feature. I always set my Nikon Z 5 to a 10 or 20 second delay, giving me time to get into the frame before the photo is taken. 3. L E A R N T O P O S E If you’re going to place yourself in images, which I highly recommend you do in at least some travel photos for both the experiential shots and/or to show a sense of scale in a place, knowing how to pose can really help make a good shot great. I find that whatever feels natural is often best, so move around a bit and don’t be afraid to try a few different angles and poses to find what works for you. And don’t forget to have fun – you are on holiday, after all! 4. AV OI D T H E C R O W D S Depending on the kind of travel photography you are into, you might want to avoid the crowds. For me, travel photography is about capturing beautiful and epic natural landscapes – from waterfalls, to natural pools, to gorges – so I really want to take photos of them when they are quieter. In some of the more popular tourist spots it can be harder to capture a shot without bus loads of people. I find if you visit outside of peak times such as school holidays and weekends, or get to a spot for sunrise, you’re usually one of the few people there, if not the only person there. 5. A P P R O A C H W I L D L I F E S L O W L Y Another fabulous thing about travelling is the different wildlife you encounter along the way. If you’re like me and you really enjoy seeing and trying to photograph wildlife, it’s imperative that you approach them slowly and with care and respect for the animal. My top tip here would be whatever you think is slow, slow it down another three times and then that’s probably the ideal amount. Always leave no trace, ensuring a place is exactly as you found it – helping to preserve it for years to come!

14 J I L L A U S T R A L I A Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach weaves the vibrant flavours of Bali’s most stylish beachside neighbourhood of Seminyak into every detail of its eclectic designs and inspired services. Experience a unique getaway at a favourite amongst the best hotels in Seminyak where centuries of tradition meet the stylish contemporary lifestyle. Indigo BALI SEMINYAK BEACH E M B R A C E T H E A R T O F DI S C O V E R Y Embrace the art of discovery and explore the vibrant colours of Seminyak, where fashionable boutiques, fusion of flavours and buzzing beach vibes are intertwined in the rich culture of Bali. Spend your days learning the local wisdoms through the astonishing details of the Hindu temples dotting the neighbourhood , ambling down the long stretch of sand of Seminyak's shorelines, or simply get an update on your wardrobe. See, hear and taste in Seminyak Hotel W H E N C E N T U R I E S O F T R A DI T IO N M E E T T H E C O N T E M P O R A R Y L I F E S T Y L E The hotel’s design-led concept is infused with local stories and reflects the evocative culture of their surroundings. Striking geometric patterns carved in wood make distinctive traditional accents throughout the property, and are inspired by the Balinese songket weavings that decorate their beautifully crafted living spaces. Design Story

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 15 Discover seamless service with the warm smiles of their Neighbourhood Hosts who are avid explorers with a passion for their neighbourhood. Going beyond the traditional concierge services, their Neighbourhood Hosts are rich with engaging local stories and suggestions ready to curate a tailored local experience just for you. The hotel first opened its door to the public in June 16th 2017. Recently the hotel celebrated its 5th years anniversary, 5 Years Young, 5-brant years. Inviting guests to indulge on a special anniversary room package with a second to none inclusion and also the chance to win a specially curated trip around the island. Home to 8 culinary journeys experience, the hotel houses Makase (casual dining feast on unique twist of local neighbourhood taste), SugarSand (chic beachfront club), Pottery café (serving locally sourced coffee, tea and baked goods), Cave pool lounge (quick bites and fresh thirst quenchers), Tree bar (where bespoke and Bali inspired cocktails meet the cool speakeasy atmosphere underneath a big sacred tree), Salon Bali (signature dining experience where the contemporary meets the authentic Indonesian flavours), KIOSK (snack, and quick bites outlet) and Home Delivery (private dining experience in the comfort of your home). And on the leisure side, the hotel also have its very Sava Spa that is always ready to indulge guests on their signature treatments from Balinese inspired massages, facial, to the manicure and pedicure treatments. Along with that, there is also the merchandise shops, displaying Bali’s best handicraft, unique ceramics to the sexy Balinese made bikini, available to be purchased by the guests. For the active explorers, there is a series W H E N I T C O M E S T O T R AV E L L I N G, T H E R E I S N O B E T T E R I N F O R M A T IO N T H A N T H A T O F T H E L O C A L S. Neighbourhood Host of daily resort activities, available for guests from kids to adults to enjoy. From a morning yoga and stretch, Balinese dress up session to the kids fun games, everything for everyone. “Based on IHG’s promise of Great Hotels Guests Love, I am so excited to welcome guests to this amazing property. Improving ourselves and presents a unique experience that only this vibrant beachside neighbourhood of Seminyak can offer is our main drive that our guests love. Not to forget to mention the beautiful design of the hotel that is a second to none for its attention to details, there is no two Hotel Indigo that are alike in the world” said Andreas Bergel, General Manager of Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach. Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is definitely the right host for everyone, be it on a leisure trip, business and even for the locals to hangout. Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach JI.Camplung Tanduk No. 10, Seminyak, Bali - 80361 Indonesia +62 361 209 9999 hotelindigobali.reservations@ihg.com

16 J I L L A U S T R A L I A Bali has the magical ability to reinvent herself time and time again. Just when you think you know the lay of the land, there’s a new area that those in-theknow are gravitating towards. And if you thought it was still Canggu, think again. The newest secret destination for hip travellers and savvy expats lies at the southern tip of the island where the sunsets are exquisite, the beaches are pristine and the cocktails are still ‘Bali price’. Welcome to Uluwatu! Uluwatu AND SURROUNDS The Secrets of W R I T T E N B Y Rose Jacobs

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 17 The seriously hip team from The Young Villas in Canggu have just unveiled their hottest new villas in Uluwatu. Ranging from two to four-bedroom options, these sleek modern tropical holiday houses boast every luxury you could dream of, including your own private pool and butler. Stunning rattan touches, pristine white backdrops and dripping in bright fuscia bougainvillea, this is the “holiday house of your dreams”. Located opposite The Gooseberry Restaurant with top-notch French cuisine and next door to La Tribu yoga studio, you’d be forgiven for never wanting to leave. Start the day with breakfast at The Korowai overlooking Impossible Beach for a rustic chic experience. After a spot of shopping at Drifter surf shop and Sea Gypsy jewellery grab a delicious Poke Bowl and Jamu juice at Nourish café. Then for dinner you can’t beat La Barracca with the festoon lighting through the intimate garden dining area and live music on weekends. The Italian inspired menu is excellent as is the service and the smiles on all who dine here. If this is booked solid then fretno-further because you can always get a table in the sand (literally dug into the sand) at Lucky Fish at Bingin Beach. The staff know when the tide is right for you to take your seat and get your hands dirty with the freshest seafood in Bali. You must order the whole snapper and the BBQ fired squid with garlic and butter…no words. Except maybe “you’re welcome”. While this is no Canggu when it comes to the retail therapy side of things, there are still some absolute gems to be found in Uluwatu if you know where to look. In the Suluban area, head to The Find and Wanderlust for stunning swimwear and sexy island attire. In the heart of Uluwatu you’ll find Drifter surf café plus Sea Gypsy jewellery. And then up the road you can lose yourself in the local wares of The Cove, Muse and a bunch of awesome ever-changing pop-ups. But remember, at the end of the day, the beauty of Uluwatu is that it is not yet as bustling as Canggu, or as over-saturated as Seminyak. And thank God – or should I say thank Bali - The island of the Gods, for that. Eat Shop Play Stay at Rosie’s large luxury four bedroom villa with a private pool and modern tropical design, at The Young Villas, Uluwatu. Unlike the word “play” in Canggu which means to go clubbing for three days straight, the word “play” in Uluwatu means to start the day with a surf at Padang Padang Beach, meet some friends for a group spa session at The Istana which involves ice baths, hot tubs, a sound & steam healing dome, infra-red and traditional saunas and views that span the entire Uluwatu cliffs and coastline. All for the entire entry fee price of $20 au per person. Finish the day at Delpi Warung… a casual cliffside infinity pool and deckchairs perched directly in front of one of the most impressive surf breaks in the world. From here you can watch the sun set over endless pristine wave breaks and pro surfers in their element. Stay

18 J I L L A U S T R A L I A High Tea Experience Indulge in aDecadent

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 19 SHERATON GRAND SYDNEY HYDE PARK HAS BECOME KNOWN FOR THEIR DECADENT AND OPULENT DINING EXPERIENCES GENEROUSLY SPRAWLED OVER THREE LEVELS OF THE HOTEL. BUT, IT WAS THEIR HIGH TEA THAT GOT SYDNEY THROUGH A GRUELING LOCKDOWN AND IT IS NOW AVAILABLE ONCE AGAIN AT THE GALLERY. Guests are invited to enjoy a prime position overlooking leafy Hyde Park while enjoying the decadent bitesized sweets by the hotel's pastry team. Creative masterpieces take form in bitesized dainty proportions and a generous range of colourful sweet and savory delicacies sit pretty on elegant custom made, three-tiered cake stands. Guests can choose from a range of beverages from biodynamic prosecco, Vittoria coffee, loose leaf teas or luxe Lindt Hot Chocolate - milk, dark or white. The Gallery High Tea is available from $79 per person. For an additional $25 per person, guests can enjoy 1.5 hours of free flowing sparkling wine Ground level, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park, 161 Elizabeth Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Enquiries: 02 9286 6000 Email: dining.sydney@sheraton.com Daily: 10.00am - 04:00pm sheratongrandsydney

20 J I L L A U S T R A L I A In a time when the creative arts were reeling – when the canvas was more bleak than blank – Sophie Vander bucked the trend by opening Curatorial+Co., one of Sydney’s newest contemporary art galleries. Opening the bricksand-mortar space presented a big risk, but the risk paid off. S Y D N E Y G A L L E R Y C O L L A B O R A T E S W I T H Q T N E W C A S T L E T O S H O W C A S E A U S T R A L I A N A R T IS T S I N N E W C A S T L E’S N E W E S T L U X U R Y H O T E L C O - L A B Curator Sophie Vander. Photo Credit: Nikki Easterbook Photo Credit: Anne Graham

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 21 a luxury hotel unlike anything else. With new beginnings and renewal at the forefront of the design, the hotel embraces art at every touch point to reflect the city’s past and vibrant creative future. Gallery Director Sophie Vander worked with long-time QT collaborator and designer Nic Graham to select artworks to complement the design. The creative duo wanted to celebrate Newcastle’s spectacular coastal surrounds and oceanic vistas. Like the design, the hotel’s art collection draws inspiration from natural elements - earth, water, the moon, and light. It results in a visual feast of artistry highlighting the building’s changing hues and allowing guests to soak up the region’s majestic sand-to-sky views for a transformative travel experience. “We wanted the QT Newcastle collection to both intrigue and delight hotel guests,” Sophie explained. “The artworks had to enrich Nic Graham’s bold and daring aesthetic, but also bring an added layer of magic and power.” “We also needed pieces that would complement the stunning landscape and sweeping ocean views. For this reason, the collection pays homage to the hotel’s dramatic coastal placement and Newcastle’s rich maritime heritage.” S ince opening, the gallery has staged 22 exhibitions in two years and each show has been a sell-out success. The gallery has also expanded its art advisory services, curating artwork for a range of residential and corporate projects. Their latest coup… Curatorial+Co. and QT Newcastle have announced their first largescale collaboration. The Redfern-based gallery and art consultancy has curated a dynamic new collection of stunning artworks for the acclaimed QT Newcastle; the newest hotel in the design-led collection, which opened to wide acclaim in June 2022. QT Newcastle is the group’s first regional hotel. Its opening brings a dramatic and eclectic travel experience to Newcastle’s revitalised East End precinct: Artwork by Artist Daniel OToole. Photo Anne Graham Artist Theresa Hunt. Photo Nikki Easterbrook

22 J I L L A U S T R A L I A The collaborative project speaks to the hotel group’s fearless creativity and commitment to design excellence. “Many hotels often add art as a final stage, almost an after-thought and often with beige pieces chosen as they won’t offend. It means that creativity and authenticity are lost, and so is the opportunity to engage guests.” The gallery has curated a series of 30 pieces from innovative Australian artists across the hotel’s public areas, private function spaces, rooftop bar, and restaurants. The collection comprises a dynamic range of scales and mediums; from sculpture and 3D wall works, to digital video works and oil paintings. “We have pushed the creativity to new levels. It is a perfect match for Newcastle’s next chapter as a flourishing arts city,” said Sophie. Several artworks are a nod to the hotel design’s themes celebrating new beginnings: lunar cycles, tidal shifts, and the passing of time in nature. Artist Susie Dureau has created a large-scale installation in the private dining room comprising a dramatic series of waterscapes in oil alongside neon ruby-coloured glassworks suspended from the ceiling. Kate Banazi brings a 12-part installation to the signature restaurant, featuring hand-pulled silkscreen prints on Perspex boxes infused with the colours of the moon. Daniel O’Toole installed a video loop for the foyer inspired by light refractions of water and shadow play, for a meditative celebration of everyday life and time passing by. It is the largest of several collaborations between Curatorial+Co. and QT Hotels, a collaboration Sophie is delighted to continue. “It’s such a wonderful experience when creative minds come together and are willing to take risks. Nic Graham’s exceptional vision and QT Hotel’s vibrant branding allow the art curation to really take centre stage.” A C O L L E C T IO N O F W O R K S I N F U S E D W I T H C O A S T A L D R A M A A N D N A T U R A L B E A U T Y … PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF ‘HOTEL ART’… Artists Ryan Hoffman and Daniel OToole: Photo Nikki Easterbrook. Artist Susie Dureau. Photo: Anne Graham Artist Tracey Lamb. Photo Nikki Easterbrook

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 23 D I S C OV E R MO R E AT CA I RNS G R E AT BA R R I E R R E E F. C OM/ E C O - L U X U R Y L I Z A R D I S L A N D Incredible natural landscapes make living in luxury effortless in Tropical North Queensland. Retire to eco‑lodges from rainforest retreats, secluded island bungalows or luxurious outback havens. Sleep beneath the stars by some of the world’s most significant Aboriginal rock art sites or snorkel over coral nurseries from a luxury carbon‑neutral sailing vessel. N U R T U R E GR E AT L E AV E GR E AT E R T R AV E L I N S T Y L E S U S TA I N A B LY

24 J I L L A U S T R A L I A Manly Spirits Co. Our beautifully engineered ‘steam punk’ copper pot stills ensure innovation pulses through our spirits. Each of our carefully crafted whiskies, gins, vodkas and liqueurs is now part of the phrase that best describes Manly… ‘seven miles from Sydney, a thousand miles from care’. Surely there could be no better place to create artisan spirits distilled by the sea. As local residents of the famous beachside suburb that bears its name, the founders of Manly Spirits Co. are passionate about instilling the harmony between carefree beach life and urban sophistication for which Manly is renowned, into their locally distilled craft whiskies, gins, botanical vodkas & liqueurs. Each spirit is inspired by sunrise swims through the crystal-clear waters of Manly’s famed marine sanctuary. W H E R E I T A L L S T A R T E D … The idea for Manly Spirits came to us when we were travelling around Tasmania on a holiday, just enjoying and appreciating some of the world’s best whisky. We still reflect back now and say it all came in a moment of madness that my husband and I were visiting some of the beautiful distilleries down there, and with him being a chemical engineer and I a branding designer, looked at each other and thought – we could do this! We saw that at the time 2015 there weren’t many distilleries in Australia or much volume of Australian craft spirits on the shelves, so we saw a great opportunity to become part of building a spirits business in Australia and not just whisky, we saw the opportunity across all different sorts of spirits – gin, whisky, vodkas, liqueurs – and that’s what we make today. For me, being an ex-yachty, it was very much about gin as there was always a bottle onboard the boat to celebrate the ‘near win’ whilst racing on the harbour, and for David with his English/Scottish heritage, he knew he wanted to create Scottish style whisky with an Australian twist. Since 2016, Manly Spirits Co. range has become internationally recognised celebrating GOLD medal wins across the globe; San Francisco World Spirit Awards, International Wine & Spirits Competition, American Distilling Institute and the World Gin, Whisky, Liqueur & Premix Awards. Originally launched Australia wide in 2016, Manly Spirits Co. is now seen around the world in the UK, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and America.

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 25 M A N L Y S PI R I T S C O. manlyspirits Manly Spirits Co. Distillery U N V E I L I N G O U R D A R K SI D E … Many of our followers of the distillery have been unaware that we started distilling and laying down whisky 4-5 years ago, the same time as our white spirits, just more quietly in the background as we knew our barrels would need to slumber peacefully to reach the flavour profile and smoothness we were after with our whisky. In 2021, we released our inaugural single malt whisky release – Coastal Stone; Element series comprising of 5 very different styles of whiskies showcasing different barrel maturations and the stunning effect on flavour – Sherry, Bourbon, Pinot, Shiraz, Port. Coastal Stone Whisky celebrates the raw nature and elements of the Australian landscape with the essence of true craftsmanship, made from a desire to create something that exceeds expectations. Our Australian single malt whisky is a refined spirit that respects our Sydney climate, created from grain to glass with no shortcuts, no strict timelines, just care and raw passion. The rich flavours in each expression tell the story of our distillers’ creativity and experimentation, drawing from a wealth of knowledge and a boldness to create an approachable, yet truly unique whisky. Captured in a truly unique and contemporary glass bottle, sculptured with the eroded textures of the sandstone cliffs that border the Australian coastline. Our Coastal Stone Whisky is lucky enough to already have international recognition winning medals across multiple categories; a GOLD medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, BEST Bottle Design at the World Whisky Awards and Bronze at the International Wine & Spirit Competition. N A T U R E I N A B O T T L E … We draw inspiration fromManly’s famed marine sanctuary, and incorporate its elements into our gins, vodkas, whiskies and liqueurs. We sustainably forage sea lettuce from the semi submerged rock shelves along the beaches and collect kelp to bring the taste of this beautiful area into the bottle.

26 J I L L A U S T R A L I A LILLY PILLY PINK GIN Lilly Pilly Pink Gin is crafted using the vibrant & succulent summer berries of the Australian native Lilly Pilly and rambling edible pink flowers found tucked in the coastal dunes of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. This fruity pink gin with its all-natural raspberry infused pink hue has been handcrafted for pure tastebud delight. The zerosugar pink recipe allows for a balanced gin that isn’t overly sweet, making it the perfect base for a summer cocktail. COASTAL STONE WHISKY: BOURBON FIRST RELEASE A mellow and sweet Australian Single Malt Whisky, matured in exKentucky Bourbon casks filled in our first year of distilling. Tasting notes: Opening with gentle vanilla, leading into green fruits with toasted caramel. Mellow & sweet. Warm honey with baked pear and apple, centred with a backbone of oak and leather. Long, oily finish, with a touch of requisite spice to balance lingering honey nut. COASTAL STONE WHISKY: SHERRY CASK FIRST RELEASE A smooth, aromatic and full-bodied Australian Single Malt Whisky, matured in ex-Australian Sherry/Apera casks filled in our first year of distilling. Tasting notes: Bold, sweet and aromatic. Cherry and raisin, leading to subtle spice. Smooth and fullbodied with a silky viscosity. Rich dark fruits and honeyed plum, followed by delicate sweet cherry. Mellowing into toffee spice and Christmas cake. AUSTRALIAN DRY GIN A well-rounded gin that can be sipped neat or perfect for your refreshing G&T, garnished with a slice of orange. Their Australian Dry Gin has a delectable blend of ten carefully-considered Sustainably foraged marine, Australian native and traditional botanicals distilled into a pure Australian wheat spirit. The bright, fresh flavours of the citrus, marine & juniper give way to the gentle peppery notes on the palate to deliver a complex lingering finish. SPOTLIGHT M A N L Y S PI R I T S C O. Manly Spirits Co. Distillery Gin range is distilled and bottled before being sent out into the world from their artisan distillery on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Here are some of our favourite collections from their range. CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE RANGE AT www.MANLYSPIRITS.COM.AU JILL’S PICK

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 27 The preferred destination for qualitywine Visit qantas.com/wine to shop now *Qantas Frequent Flyer members who are not Qantas Wine Premium members will earn 1 Qantas Point per dollar on all transactions. Money-Back Guarantee- If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase you have 90 days from the date of purchase to contact us to arrange the return of the product. See the website for full terms and conditions. Available for deliverywithinAustralia only, subject to availability. To purchase fromQantasWine, youmust be a Qantas Frequent Flyermember, 18years of age and over and have an Australian delivery address. Liquor Act 2007: No alcohol can be sold or supplied to anyone under 18. It’s against the law. Licence Number: LIQP770016736 Earn up to 10,000 bonus Qantas Points per case Choose from a range of premium wines, Champagnes, beers and spirits. Free delivery over $300 Money back guarantee Supporting Australian Winemakers

28 J I L L A U S T R A L I A Jacqueline Cudmore D E V E L O P I N G a franchise footprint A love for the food hospitality industry along with extensive researching of various cuisines around the world, we had the chance to sit down and chat with Chop ‘n Chill Franchisor queen, Jacqueline Cudmore. I’m very much a North Coast Beach girl, born, bred and educated in the wonderful sea-side town of Port Macquarie. My first taste of business was with husband Paul when we established a waste skip- bin business in 1997. We successfully ran that business for 10 years before taking on the challenge of purchasing and operating the Cronulla Hogs Breath Café. Over the 10 years’ operating our Cronulla restaurant we won the coveted Franchisee of the Year Award, plus multiple other business awards. In 2006 I took on a new challenge. After selling our business interests here in Australia I made a sea-change move to Singapore to take on the role of expanding the Hogs Breath Café system throughout South East Asia. In my position I was instrumental in establishing eight HBC outlets in five different Asian countries. chopnchill_au chopandchill

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 29 In 2011 I was head-hunted by James Cook University’s Singapore facility to head up it’s Student Service department; a position I held till early 2016 when I made the decision to return to Australia, primarily to lend family support in caring for my terminally ill father. As a proud platinum Qantas member on my way home I heard a song: I’ve got towering trees, I’ve got sparkling seas, I’ve got the spirit of Australia embracing me, by #craigstewartmusic. I knew it was the right decision and move. The following year Paul and I saw an opportunity to establish a restaurant concept unique to the Australian market place in Port Macquarie. I tapped into my dining insight and hospitality experience to fully focus on establishing a restaurant destination that would offer our guests a dining experience like no other. This led to the birth of Chop ‘n Chill. The name, as well as the concept, were inspired by our years in Asia and our travels abroad, especially to the Americas. Our purpose was to blend the distinct cuisine style of South East Asia with the strong smoked-meat flavours of the Americas, in a manner that would appeal to the Australian market place. In November 2016, after some 10 months of planning, design and fit out... The Chop ‘n Chill concept was launched, incorporating its unique East meets West conception, featuring a menu where all dishes were freshly built from the ground up, a decor offering a natural coastal feel and atmosphere, along with a casual but attentive style of customer service. The result – Chop ‘n Chill has been a runaway success and loved by many new and returning visitors and locals. In March 2021 we opened our second Chop ‘n Chill in the delightful location of South West Rocks. This is how I am creating a “neighbourhood comfort hangout”. We have also firmed up plans to open a third Chop ‘n Chill at another superb location in Forster. As a result of the success and expansion, I am transiting my role into the overall management and marketing of the present and future Chop ‘n Chill outlets. This also includes the development of a Franchise footprint for more expansion further afield. Where did the love for hospitality come from? My passion for the hospitality food industry, began immediately on taking over the HBC at Cronulla. I found myself bursting with ideas for the look, feel and operation of the business. The love and desire to own and operate a truly first-class dinning establishment has never diminished. Essentially, I want our guests to have a memorable experience that stands out whenever they visit our Chop ‘n Chill restaurants. For me it’s all about bringing people together to eat great food in happy, pleasant surrounds. It is a matter of great satisfaction to me that our guests have been able to come back time after time to enjoy what Chop ‘n Chill offers. My purpose is to allow franchisees to establish a major restaurant footprint in the main population centre and in time develop smaller outlets in surrounding satellite towns and communities, in much the same way that I have done and will continue to do. When you achieve success, it is highly satisfying and there is also the delight of knowing that you are sharing part of that success with your employees. Additionally, there is also the pleasure of playing a leading role in your community and being able to contribute in many ways to its dynamic and advancement.

30 J I L L A U S T R A L I A The Pros n Cons of owning a business For me there a lot of pros, firstly there is the challenge of putting your money where your mouth is to firstly establish a business and then make it successful. When you achieve success, it is highly satisfying and there is also the delight of knowing that you are sharing part of that success with your employees. Additionally, there is also the pleasure of playing a leading role in your community and being able to contribute in many ways to its dynamic and advancement. The biggest downside is probably that it takes a lot of hours and energy to keep everything ticking over on an even keel, because the reality is that the buck always stops with me! Benefits of Franchisee Our Chop ‘n Chill concept has been so well received; we believe there are a number of benefits for people looking to become a Chop ‘n Chill Franchisee. First and foremost, Chop ‘n Chill is a truly successful brand with wide-spread appeal within the Australian market place. Secondly, my franchising model is significantly different to most others in that we are looking to expand into just some 10 regions in Australia, that have the right demographics and a strong tourism economy. As such it is our intention to Franchise

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 31 My purpose is to allow franchisees to establish a major restaurant footprint in the main population centre and in time develop smaller outlets in surrounding satellite towns and communities, in much the same way that I have done and will continue to do. not just a restaurant site but an entire region. My purpose is to allow franchisees to establish a major restaurant footprint in the main population centre and in time develop smaller outlets in surrounding satellite towns and communities, in much the same way that I have done and will continue to do. How can readers get involved? The pathway for people to register interest in becoming a Chop ‘n Chill franchisee is to contact me at jacqueline@chopnchill.com.au From there I will outline the process and the protocols needed to begin their Chop ‘n Chill journey. It’s as simple as that!

32 J I L L A U S T R A L I A The company’s mission is to empower people to live healthy, vibrant lives, at any age. This mission comes to life through products that activate and restore your body’s natural ability to function optimally. It’s not about concealing the effects of aging, but enhancing bodily processes that keep you at your peak. LifeVantage is a publicly traded, company based in the United States with various offices around the world. It’s a community-oriented business that uses network marketing to sell a range of nutrition and wellness products aimed at improving quality of life. But LifeVantage know that there’s more that can sap the years from your life than ticking off birthdays. Sitting in traffic, putting in 8-to-10 hour days working for someone else can be draining. The company want to achieve a better work-life balance for those who share their passion for health. It’s all about helping you set up your own business. Working on your own terms, in your own environment as distributors, LifeVantage provides resources for independent business owners to focus on sharing products and their business opportunity. LifeVantage and Regional Vice President, Pamela Ferry, champion the idea of improving quality of life through their product line and their business model. Ask someone their age and you’ll likely be met with a gruff ‘none of your business!’. It’s a touchy subject for some with many looking for ways to delay aging, most trying to mask the effects. LifeVantage makes it their business. SE NIOR VIC E PR ESIDE N T IN T E R N ATION A L LIF E VA N TAGE PamelaFerry While the fountain of youth is a thing of lore, LifeVantage’s patented dietary supplement is of science. Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer is a blend of five natural ingredients that help your body make its own antioxidants to defend cells against oxidative stress, one of the main causes of aging. It’s a ground-breaking insight into reducing free radical damage, which contributes to oxidative stress. It is 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy free. “People are more certain than ever that nutrition plays a big role in optimal wellness” - Pamela Ferry “We provide the website, the tools, the marketing materials, so your time is free to focus on helping people with their health and wellness.” – Pamela Ferry Vantage Life

W O M E N ' S C U L T U R E 33 Oxidative stress occurs when there is an excess of free radicals compared to antioxidants in the body. Free radicals cause cell, tissue and DNA damage which can lead to inflammation and other unwanted ailments that come with aging. Nrf2 is a protein that drives production of antioxidant enzymes and keeps an optimal balance of these radicals. As we age, there is a programmed decrease in Nrf2 expression and, thus, fewer antioxidants. However, there are ways to naturally activate Nrf2 and many activators are plant-derived. Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer contains Turmeric Root – comprising one of the best studied Nrf2 activators - Green Tea, Bacopa, Milk Thistle and Ashwagandha. LifeVantage also offer a range of lotions, hair care products, and other nutritional support products. People are searching for careers that intertwine with their lives, with what they love doing, what they believe is worth doing. While this isn’t always possible in an employer setting, is it for those wanting to explore their own independent businesses. LifeVantage strive to activate a supplemental income stream or business for their distributors. At its core, network marketing is simply sharing products you love with others. You have options as a network marketer, because you choose when, with whom, and how much you want to work. Activation is at the very root of the LifeVantage brand - in the history, in NRF2, in the distributors. Research has shown Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer may reduce oxidative stress by an impressive 40% in only 30 days by activating antioxidant pathways. “It’s the freedom to work on your terms - your hours, your chosen location. You can even run your business on your phone” – Pamela Ferry The discovery that changed everything. From suppliments to supplimenting your income. Scan to find out more OUR PICK