Met Kit

9B 9 12 13B 12 9B 13 9 9 9 12 14 13B 26 13B 13B 12F 11B 11B 11B 11B 25 9B 12F 9B 6 6 11B 6 6 18B 9B 13 11B 14 9B 13B 13 10 26 26 7B 1B 1B 19 16AB 17 16FW 9B 11B 15 11B 15 HALF TRUSS HALF TRUSS 7B Met-Kit simply ‘building by numbers’ The Met-Kit modular system makes home building simple. Wall and roof trusses are factory assembled, ready to be bolted together. You simply start at one corner and fix one panel to the next until complete. Panels are numbered and correspond to a framing plan, so you just follow the plan, you can’t go wrong. A well documented, personalised construction manual is supplied with easy to follow, step by step instructions and diagrams. All holes, including provision for plumbing and electrical wiring are pre-punched to make it even easier. Modular wall panels are made to a convenient size that are easy for one person to handle. This saves the cost of hiring outside help or cranes – a very important consideration if you are building out of town. The roof trusses simply bolt together and doors and windows are pre-assembled, ready to fit into wall frame openings. Hardiplank exterior wall panelling and Colorbond roof sheeting are easily fixed using self drilling screws. Met-Kit is a true Kit Home. 18