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01/23 Kit Homes for Country Australia

CONTENTS HOUSE DESIGNS & PLANS Richmond......................4 Franklin...........................6 Castlereagh. .................8 Derwent.......................10 Stanthorpe...................12 Hartley..........................14 Murray..........................16 Camden......................18 Hawkesbury.................20 Riverina. .......................22 Barrington....................24 Windsor. .......................26 Avalon..........................28 Elizabeth. .....................30 Robertson. ...................32 Patterson......................34 Tasman.........................36 Berrima.........................38 Kiama...........................40 Fitzroy............................42 Blackheath..................43 ______________________ INCLUSIONS. ................44 UPGRADES...................48 DESIGN FLEXIBILITY.......50 CUSTOMER STORIES.....52 PAAL EXPERIENCE........56 DISPLAY HOMES...........58 BUILDING CHOICES.....60 THE NEXT STEP. .............61 50 YEARS HISTORY........62 CONTACT PAAL...........64

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Under Roof Area: 471m2 Frontage: 34.6m Depth: 20.1m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 30° 5 Design based on Richmond Mudgee NSW Paal design flexibility The ever-popular Richmond shown with imitation sandstone blocks, double garage and western red cedar windows.

© Paal Homes Under Roof Area: 458m2 Frontage: 25.8m Depth: 27.8m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 30° 6

7 Design based on Franklin Arcadia NSW

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Under Roof Area: 436m2 Frontage: 27.3m Depth: 23.0m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 30° 9 I built a Paal Castlereagh “Friends are amazed and impressed. Denise, my partner, loves the house and is very proud of what I’ve achieved.” Brendan estimates his contribution to the project saved around $250,000. Design based on Castlereagh Lilydale VIC

Under Roof Area: 362m2 Frontage: 32.9m Depth: 14.6m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 30° We built a Paal Derwent “Paal were very responsive in altering their standard design and liaising with us and our builder.” The alterations included an attached selfcontained granny flat. Libby and Michael Conway Design based on Derwent Yellow Rock NSW 10

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Under Roof Area: 385m2 Frontage: 30.2m Depth: 17.5m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 27.5° On display at Caboolture. 12

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Under Roof Area: 366m2 Frontage: 27.5m Depth: 17.6m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 27.5° We built a Paal Hartley “We love the look and feel, it really suits the country setting. Our visitors are particularly impressed by the spaciousness of the home.” Leon and Clair Pholi Design based on Hartley Murrumbateman NSW 14

15 © Paal Homes

Paal’s newest design, the Murray combines a modern interior layout with traditional exterior. Open plan, family living revolves around the stylish and functional kitchen. And, there’s a double garage with practical workshop for the handyman. 16

Under Roof Area: 330m2 Frontage: 28.0m Depth: 13.7m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 30° 17 © Paal Homes

18 Under Roof Area: 316m2 Frontage: 13.1m Depth: 27.2m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 30° © Paal Homes On display at Emu Plains. Optional Vaulted Ceiling

We built a Paal Camden After seeing Paal’s Camden display home, Felicity and Jeff Dyer decided instantly that they liked it and didn’t bother looking at any other homes. They added a workshop and double garage to the standard design. Design based on Camden Yellow Rock NSW 19

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Under Roof Area: 278m2 Frontage: 26.0m Depth: 10.9m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 30° 21 On display in Sydney at Emu Plains and in Melbourne at Bayswater. We built a Paal Hawkesbury “People are amazed at the versatility of the home, the quality of the finishes, and the fact that you can alter the standard plans as you please.” Jeff and Di Wilson Design based on Hawkesbury Morayfield QLD

Under Roof Area: 351m2 Frontage: 32.0m Depth: 10.7m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 25° We built a Paal Riverina First time owner builder Michael Johnstone chose to build with Paal because he wanted the satisfaction of constructing his own home. Michael and Theresa Johnstone Design based on Riverina Kurrajong NSW 22

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© Paal Homes Under Roof Area: 268m2 Frontage: 19.1m Depth: 17.7m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 30° 24

25 Alfresco outdoor entertaining Alfresco outdoor living An Alfresco entertaining and outdoor living area is standard on the Barrington design but can be added as an option on most Paal designs. Ask one of our Housing Design Consultants.

We built a Paal Windsor “We decided to buy a kit home and build it ourselves. We estimate that we saved at least $100,000.” Brendan and Karen Helmrich Design based on Windsor Little Hartley NSW 26

27 Under Roof Area: 253m² Frontage: 13.2m Depth: 22.1m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 30˚ © Paal Homes

© Paal Homes Under Roof Area: 240m2 Frontage: 17.2m Depth: 17.9m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 27.5° 28

29 Interior décor makes a home Interior styling reflects your personal taste, from contemporary to traditional, retro or popular Hamptons. Our colour consultant can assist in planning the look and feel of your new home.

30 I built a Paal Elizabeth “The Paal system is so easy that I was able to build a home for my family, by myself.” Liz Pratt , Kurrajong NSW

Under Roof Area: 248m2 Frontage: 23.9m Depth: 10.2 m Ceiling Height: 2.55m Roof Pitch: 30° On display at Emu Plains. © Paal Homes Standard floorplan 31

© Paal Homes 32

33 Under Roof Area: 232m2 Frontage: 23.0m Depth: 10.3m Ceiling Height: 2.55m Roof Pitch: 25° We built a Paal Robertson Ashleigh and James had only ever renovated before, but found the Paal building process to be problem-free.“We found Paal to be quite flexible in terms of modifying their design to achieve what we wanted.” Ashleigh and James Latimore Design based on Robertson Murrumbateman NSW

Under Roof Area: 182m2 Frontage: 18.2m Depth: 9.4m Ceiling Height: 2.55m Roof Pitch: 30° © Paal Homes 34

35 Designer Bathrooms The choice of bath, vanities, tapware, tiles and colour schemes can be tailored to suit your personal taste. Our colour consultant can assist with choices.

Under Roof Area: 240m2 Frontage: 25.4m Depth: 9.3m Ceiling Height: 2.55m Roof Pitch: 22.5° 36 We built a Paal Tasman “The value you get with Paal is above and beyond any other builder we could find.We are just rapt and still walk around in disbelief that we actually built it.” John and Lynda Guyett Design based on Tasman Pozieres QLD

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Under Roof Area: 216m2 Frontage: 21.2m Depth: 9.6m Ceiling Height: 2.4m Roof Pitch: 25° Popular ranch style Berrima A practical design for large families. The standard design was extended to accommodate six bedrooms, window styles changed and hip roof added in lieu of gable end roof. Design based on Berrima Warwick QLD 38

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We built a Paal Kiama The Harts built a traditional Queenslander based on Paal’s Kiama design, with modifications that included an enlarged verandah and a double set of steps in front. Brian and Cheryl Hart Design based on Kiama Cedar Creek QLD 40

Under Roof Area: 188m2 Frontage: 10.0m Depth: 20.0m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 25° © Paal Homes 41

Under Roof Area: 157m2 Frontage: 9.0m Depth: 16.1m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 25° We Built a Paal Fitzroy “Paal were the only kit home company that was able to supply kits to the bushfire Flame Zone standard.” Jan and Ken Gilmore C Paal Homes Design based on Fitzroy Yellow Rock NSW 42

C Paal Homes Under Roof Area: 141m2 Frontage: 13.0m Depth: 10.5m Ceiling Height: 2.7m Roof Pitch: 30° All the latest quality inclusions Paal supply quality brand inclusions for your kitchen, and PC items for your laundry and bathroom fit-out. 43

Choice of quality inclusions... Brands you know and trust ... 44


Various optional storage units available Optional choices in ensuite designs Soft close drawers and doors standard Optional kitchen tidy bins Optional laundry hamper bins The choice is yours, share your ideas 46

Standard toilet suite Standard pantry unit as per design Fisher&Paykel appliances standard (appliance style as per design A place for everything and everything in its place Mixer tapware standard (wide range to choose from) 47

Custom wardrobe fit outs Port Cochére entry Two-way central fireplace Optional pantry fit outs (Butler’s pantry) Custom cabinet fit out for family/media rooms OPTIONS & UPGRADES There are so many options and upgrades available to make your home a show place to be proud of. Discuss your ideas with your Paal Housing Design Consultant. 48

Single/double/triple garages Free standing baths Custom internal glass Western Red Cedar window upgrade Custom laundry fit out Cathedral ceilings (subject to design layout) 49

50 DESIGN FLEXIBILITY Your new home is all about you, and everyone’s requirements are different. For this reason, we give you the full flexibility and freedom of choosing the features of your home. Our Housing Design Consultants can make plan changes ‘on screen’ while you watch your final home design evolve with rotating 3D images. You can choose one of our standard design floorplans and make changes, move walls, doors and windows, change room sizes, increase ceiling height and more. This example is based on one of our most popular homes, The Elizabeth.

FREE COLOUR CONSULTATION As part of our design process we offer you the FREE service of a professional colour consultant to assist you in the choice of colours and interior selections, all to reflect your personal style. 51

Family’s build saves $120,000 on a Paal home. Craig & Robyn Bowen - Theresa Park NSW Real people building their own dream homes... Paal makes owner building easy and most Paal customers do it themselves. They take pride in their achievement and can save up to $100,000 or more in the process. Others would rather project-manage and employ contractors. Paal can recommend builders from its extensive network across Australia. The trend of owner-managing is one that has grown over the years. Owner-managing still provides cost savings and the satisfaction of overseeing the project. Whichever way you choose, Paal is set up to accommodate. We stand behind the kit homes we sell and provide second-to-none customer service that will back you all the way through to your home’s completion. Read their full stories and others on our website testimonials page. Hands-on build in a beautiful rural setting. Isaac Junod and Siobhan Doherty - Wallacia Paal kit homes has been around a long time and we liked the style and layout of their homes. Martin and Nicole Davies - Hawkesbury NSW 52

If we weren’t ownerbuilding we would have ended up with a much smaller house. Tackling it ourselves meant we were able to build our dream home now, instead of in 10 or 15 years. Donovan & Lyndal deLigt - Captains Flat Peter and Dot Drinkall built a beautiful Paal home modified to be used as a combined residence and B & B. - Wallerawang NSW For years I admired Paal’s homes and was always impressed with the variety of designs and floorplans. Gillian Irvine – Mittagong 53

A new Paal home perfectly suited to both their lifestyle and the picturesque Blue Mountains surroundings. Jon and Sarah Dunstan - Hartley NSW Wayne and Julie, built their own home, even though they had no experience. - Bethanga, Victoria A retirement project saved themselves more than $100,000. Ron and Lynne Bak - South Maroota NSW “Paal was incredibly flexible and accommodating” says Anna. Anna and Warwick Cottee - Oxford Falls, NSW 54

Classic country look at just the right price. And it has that great ‘wow’ factor. Debbie-Anne Bushby - Young NSW We were impressed with Paal from start to finish, we did most of it ourselves. Ray and Melissa Davis -Aberdeen NSW Paal were very easy to deal with. Nothing was ever a problem. Julia and Alasdair McLean. - Gunnedah NSW Tony Crocker built his second Paal home, a 3 bedroom Kiama, as an investment property after earlier building his first home with Paal for his daughter Naomi. - Arcadia NSW 55

Experience the Paal difference We’re with you all the way! ARCHITECT DESIGNS Paal has a diverse range of architect inspired home designs from large acreage residences to charming country cottages. Homes that incorporate proven, layouts combined with latest design trends. ADD YOUR OWN IDEAS Discuss your plans and dreams with one of our Housing Design Consultants. ENERGY EFFICIENCY COMPLIANCE Paal’s own energy efficiency consultant will help you achieve the required standard by evaluating your house plans. DETAILED COUNCIL PLANS Once you have chosen your home design, a full set of plans will be prepared for you ready to submit to council. FREE COLOUR CONSULTATION Once you are underway, we offer the services of a professional Colour Consultant to add those finishing touches ... everything to help make your new house a home. FREE OWNER BUILDER COURSE We provide you with preferred access to a fully accredited on-line owner builder course. We assist in obtaining a Work Safely ‘White Card’ and assist with your Owner Builder Permit application....and we’ll pay the course and application fees! COMPUTERISED MANUFACTURE Paal’s fully integrated software system gives complete tracking of the production of your home, from its initial design through to deliveries to your site. Our software has been developed and enhanced over the years ensuring that you benefit from the best technology available. Your wall and roof framing panels are precision engineered in our own factory from hi-tensile Bluescope Australian steel. 56

FACTORY ASSEMBLED FRAMING Wall and roof frames are assembled in easy to handle panels, so there is no heavy lifting or need for cranes. The unique Paal framing system is the only system extensively tested by the CSIRO for quality and strength. CUSTOM KITCHEN DESIGN Your kitchen will be custom designed and tailored to your home plans and manufactured in-house. This means unmatched responsiveness to your needs. DELIVERY TO YOUR SITE We design, manufacture and deliver, using our own trucks and drivers. Your first delivery will contain all materials to lock-up. The second delivery contains all you need for the internal fit-out. Your kitchen and PC, items will be delivered when you are ready. WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTIONS At Paal, we prepare a personalised instruction manual specifically tailored to your home, incorporating any changes or additions you make. This manual will guide you through every step of the project. A proven, simple to follow process – complete with helpful diagrams – makes the entire building project easy for you. BACK UP SUPPORT Our customer service team is ready to assist you as required. We will work with you to make sure the build goes smoothly. Phone, text or email any questions, we’re here to support you throughout the building process. QUALITY INCLUSIONS At Paal we supply only quality materials and appliances from respected manufacturers as standard. Talk to one of our Housing Design Consultants to discuss the full range of inclusions and options available. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Proof that the Paal system is a ‘better way to build’ can be found in the many customer testimonials and success stories that are documented on our website. Stories and photos that reflect a sense of pride and achievement from everyday people with little or no building experience. You too can become a proud owner builder. 57

Emu Plains - NSW Michael in Canberra, ACT Meet the Paal sales team At Paal Kit Homes we have a team of professional Housing Design Consultants to assist and advise you on every aspect of your kit home building project. Making your dream home become a reality. Mauree and Jamie at Caboolture, QLD Michael and John at Emu Plains, NS W Jodie and Robyn at Bayswater Nth, VIC 58

Bayswater North – VIC Caboolture - QLD KIT HOMES ON DISPLAY Visit fully furnished Paal display homes. At Paal we are proud of our product and invite you to take a drive and visit one of our display homes. A new home is a major investment, so it is a wise idea to see the quality of the finish and inclusions before you buy. The Paal kit homes head office, and factory are located at Emu Plains in New South Wales, (pictured above). Display homes are located in three states. 59

The choice is yours! Either way...... PAAL is with you from start to finish We make owner building easy.... you can do all, or some of the work, it’s up to you. We assist you in designing your dream home, prepare necessary council plans, as well as a customised step by step world class Instruction Manual. We manufacture all frame components and supply all inclusions and fittings to complete your new home. For your peace of mind, the Paal back-up team is with you all the way. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee YOU WILL SAVE MONEY. View stories on our website, from many Paal customers who have built their dream home the Paal way. Do-it-yourself • No prior building experience required – Paal Guarantee • Save up to 60% on construction costs • Hand select trades - Quality Control • Personal satisfaction of a job well done • Stay in charge Sub-contract • Save up to 30% builders margin • Hand select trades - Quality control • Stay in charge Engage builder • Fixed price contract - Peace of mind • Large network of trusted builders in three states to choose from BUILD your new home YOUR WAY OR OR 60

Select a design and make changes to suit you.We prepare your quote. After quote approval, we prepare plans for council and contractors. You lodge plans with Council for approval. Once plans are approved, arrange for foundations to be laid. Familiarize yourself with construction manual and building process. We deliver stage 1 materials (everything to lock-up). Erect the frame, add the roofing and cladding and arrange for the electrician and plumber. When ready we arrange 2nd delivery of internals and PC items. Fix internals and kitchen, arrange connections with electrician and plumber. Apply finishing touches like painting. Stand back and admire your achievement. 1 3 5 7 9 2 4 6 8 10 10 Easy Steps to Building Your Own PAAL Kit Home Owner building a PAAL Kit Home in 10 easy steps from designing and changing the floorplan to suit your needs, preparing and lodging plans, and laying foundations to erecting the frame, roofing, cladding and internal finishes. 61

Fifty years of helping customers Australia wide, to achieve their home building dreams Paal Kit Homes has come a long way from its beginnings. Chris and Ursula Nobis migrated from Europe, bringing with them a determination to build their own business and adapt the concept of modular building to local conditions. Chris turned an old dairy shed in Penrith into a workshop and began manufacturing parts for his first kit home and garage designs. In those days, steel framing was relatively new, but the white ants were good salesmen. People also appreciated the simplicity of a bolt-together frame structure when considering building. 62

Paal is Australia’s most experienced manufacturer of quality steel framed kit homes Paal Kit Homes has been Australia’s leading and most trusted kit home manufacturer for over 50 years. Paal gives you complete flexibility over your design. All our designs can be extended, and layout changed to realise your dreams. For example, you could add an alfresco outdoor entertaining area, a vaulted ceiling, alter the kitchen layout, add a garage. The freedom is yours. Paal also gives you complete control over your budget. Whether you erect the entire kit yourself, or owner-manage the construction by others, you will save money. Paal gives you complete confidence in your home. Our steel framing system is the most technically advanced in Australia, proven over fifty years and tested for superior steel frame strength by the CSIRO. Paal is the only framing system designed to be assembled by anyone – even with no prior experience! Our unique ‘building by numbers’ system puts you in charge and you have the full backup of our world class instruction manual and our technical support team. We’re here to help. We guarantee that any PAAL Frame Kit Home can be built by following our detailed instructions. We guarantee it in writing, and we are the only kit home company who provides such a guarantee. THE PAAL GUARANTEE We guarantee that any Paal Frame Kit Home can be built by following our detailed instructions. We further guarantee that all components of our product will be supplied complete and free from defects. 63

SYDNEY 113-115 Russell Street, Emu Plains NSW (02) 4735 4377 BRISBANE 67 Morayfield Road Caboolture South QLD (07) 5495 4070 MELBOURNE 259 Canterbury Road Bayswater North VIC (03) 9720 1222 CANBERRA PO Box 6245 O’Connor ACT 2602 0414 508 864 1800 024 912