Rugged Xtremes

About Us and Our Materials Rugged Xtremes has been developing and manufacturing quality bags for the mining and industrial sector since 2003. We are a WA family owned and operated company with our offices and warehouse located at 1 / 14 Elmsfield Road, Midvale WA 6056. Rugged Xtremes products can be found on almost every major mine site in Australia and are used both on and offshore by some of the biggest producers in the world. We have forged a strong brand in the industrial and mining sector and are recognised for our innovative designs, build quality and ability to supply. Our motto, “Built to Work” is evident in every product we produce. Rugged Xtremes develops, designs and prototypes all of our products in Australia before going to bulk production in China. Every one of our products is unique to us, in design, materials and functionality. Our POD Connect ® and 5030 Divider systems are interchangeable throughout many of our bags and everything is built to work in conjunction with each other. This allows our users to be confident in the consistent quality across the range as well as the convenience of knowing each new product will integrate with others in the range. There is a lot that goes into making Rugged Xtremes products the best in the game. Our materials are UV resistant to both fade and degradation, so your bag won’t fall apart or look faded any time soon. Our threads and materials aren’t just your standard off the shelf ones, they’re specifically designed to be tough and wear resistant to handle mining and industrial applications in Australia’s harsh conditions. We use heavy duty spiral self repairing #10 zippers with custom webbing pullers, metal components, and all stress points are bartacked for extra durability. We back this with a comprehensive warranty policy to give you peace of mind in case something does go wrong. Everyone of our products goes through exhaustive design, development and testing stages before making it into the range. So you can be confident that each product is built for purpose and Built toWork.