See and Do Take a walk at the Organ Pipes to admire some of the largest rhyolite rock formations in the world, formed over 1500-million years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions. You can find equally stunning rocky outcrops at Yandinga Falls and Kolay Mirica Falls. Keep an eye out for yellow-footed rock wallabies, wombats, goannas and lizards. Enjoy a native flora show from late winter into spring when the park fills with wildflowers in incredible shapes, sizes and colours. In spring the local crimson mallee are in full bloom and the plains are carpeted with native daisies, grasses and various saltbushes. Summer can be very hot, but if you’re prepared ‘to work around the weather’ you will have calm days, extraordinary sunsets, and clear views of the starry nights. Roll out your swag or sleeping bag and enjoy the beautiful dark night sky and seemingly ultra-bright stars in their millions that feel so close you could touch them. In late autumn and winter the park is green and cool, perfect for campfires and bushwalks. After a good amount of rain, the creeks flow and most pools are alive with aquatic life. The park is also home to Australia’s only protected population of the short-tailed grasswren. This shy creature lives on hilltops, ridges and slopes relying on spiny shrubs and bushes for protection from predators. Yellow-footed rock wallaby (Nadine Brown) wudinna.sa.gov.au 15