Pildappa and Tcharkuldu Rock Scenic Routes (via Minnipa) This is a nice day trip for those based in either Minnipa or Wudinna. Camping is permitted at both locations. • To get to Tcharkuldu Rock, which is about four km from Minnipa, follow the direction signs from the township. This granite outcrop is covered with interesting rock formations and enormous boulders. There are picnic shelters, BBQ, toilet and walking trails. There is also an excellent example of a shepherd’s hut within the reserve, which has been restored to its original state. • Pildappa Rock is one of the Eyre Peninsula’s most significant attractions. It has spectacular eroded wave formations and is a particularly good location from which to view the setting sun as well as spectacular night skies. • To get to Pildappa, head out towards the Gawler Ranges past the Minnipa Agricultural Research Centre. Pildappa Rock is approximately 12 km from Minnipa on the right. Free camping is available, and it is a great place to spend a few nights and do some day trips to the Gawler Ranges National Park, Lake Gairdner. Gas BBQ, picnic shelter and basic toilets are available. The facilities are maintained by the local volunteers, and donations are always appreciated. G a w l e r Lake Yaninee Lake Agars Gawler Ranges Conservation Park Kododo Hill Co Mt Centre Mt Granite Pheasant Hill Scrubby Peak P Mt Sturt This track during F Sea Po Pildappa Rock Organ Pipes Yandinga Stone Dam Minnipa Hill Minnipa Agricultural Centre & Yarwondutta Rock Tcharkuldu Hill Poochera Karcultaby Ceduna 239 m Streaky Bay 62 km Kingoonya 173 km Wirrulla 27 km Yaninee MINNIPA A1 Old Hom Hig Ma Ma Min Tra Sce Go Downloa Legend Wudinna District Map Featuring Gawler Ranges National Park Scenic Route 2 Pildappa Rock & Tcharkuldu Rock Pildappa Rock wudinna.sa.gov.au 19