The inland off the highway scenic route This is a great off-road driving route for the more adventurous who are looking to get off the main highway. • The roads are suitable for robust, high-clearance vehicles. While generally in reasonable condition, they are subject to corrugations and can become very muddy in the wet. • The route can be traversed from west to east or vice versa. From the west, it can be entered from either Minnipa or Wudinna, ending at Kimba. From east to west, it starts at Kimba and exits at either Wudinna or Minnipa. • Plan to take a full day, or even two. You can stay overnight at the Mt Ive Station Caravan Park and visit Lake Gairdner National Park, which is highly recommended. Make sure you have plenty of fuel, food and water and your vehicle is in good condition. • You’ll need a Park Pass to travel in the national park and also if you plan to camp in any of the many wonderful camping grounds. • Worthy diversions include a visit to Lake Gairdner via Mt Ive Homestead, the Gawler Ranges National Park Shearing Shed at Paney Station, Pondanna Outstation, Stone Dam, Organ Pipes and Old Paney Homestead. Scenic Route 3 Inland off the Eyre Highway Organ Pipes, Gawler Ranges Gawler Ranges National Park GawlerRanges NationalPark G a w l e r R a n g e s CorrobinnieHill ConservationPark Lake Wannamanna Lake Newland Lake Yaninee Lake Agars Samphire Lake Lake Warramboo Pinkawillinie ConservationPark Hambidge Cocata ConsRes Kulliparu Conservation Park Gawler Ranges Conservation Park LakeGairdner NationalPark Kododo Hill Conical Hill Eureka Bluff MtCentre MtGranite PheasantHill ScrubbyPeak PaneyHill PaneyBluff MtFarview NukeyBluff MtDouble Black Eagle Rock MtAllalone NummeeHill WaulkinnaHill MtSturt OneWay This track isclosed duringFireBan Season PondannaRuins Wagon Peella Rocks Goyders Monument WaddikeeRocks DarkeMem. CorrobinnieHill MtWudinna Turtle Rocks PoldaDam PolkdinneyPark Pygery Rocks UcontitchieHill PondannaRock PildappaRock OrganPipes Yandinga Stone Dam Policemans Point Kolay Mirica Falls Minnipa Hill MinnipaAgriculturalCentre &YarwonduttaRock TcharkulduHill Poochera Karcultaby Ceduna 239km StreakyBay 62km PortKenny 15km PortKenny 14km Kimba 35km Kimba 61km IronKnob 115km Kingoonya 169km Kingoonya 173km Wirrulla 27km Yaninee Pygery MountDamper Warramboo Koongawa MINNIPA WUDINNA Kyancutta A1 B90 Pondanna Outstation OldPaney Homestead KolayHut Chillunie Wanganny Shearer’sQuartersandshed Mt Ive Caravan Park Highway MainRoad -Sealed MainRoad -Unsealed MinorRoad -Unsealed Track -4WD ScenicRoutes Goyder’sLine GawlerRangesNationalPark requires a4WD throughout thewetweather Downloaddetailedmaps fromwww.wudinna.sa.gov.au Information 4WheelDriveonly CampingArea PicnicArea Toilets Pointsof interest Legend Wudinna District Map Featuring GawlerRanges NationalPark Mattera Paney Homestead andParkOffice 20 #GawlerRanges #Wudinna #Minnipa