areas of the Eyre Peninsula, which produce around 45 percent of South Australia’s wheat. Tours of the centre can be arranged. A ‘must-visit’ for Minnipa visitors is Pildappa Rock, about 12 km north of the town and easily the area’s biggest drawcard. This huge, uniquely pink inselberg is shaped in a wave and considered by some to rival WA’s ‘Wave Rock’. The erosion on top of the rock has, over time, produced rock holes that were considered vital sources of water for the local Indigenous people. Early settlers also constructed gutters to increase rainfall catchment and channel water off the rock into a vast underground tank. It is possible to climb to the top of the rock, which provides panoramic views across the surrounding countryside. Stay awhile (especially for the sunsets and the stars) and take advantage of the BBQs, picnic facilities, public toilets and walking trail around the rock. The facilities are maintained by local volunteers, and donations are always appreciated. Also worth a visit, just four km from Minnipa, is Tcharkuldu Rock – a climbable rock for adults and children alike who can enjoy exploring the many large boulders and formations. The bush site has BBQ facilities and provides some interesting photo opportunities of the unique granite rock formations. There are many pathways to enjoy a quiet walk through the bushland and take in some of the local historic water features, as well as eagles and kangaroos. The vibrant town of Minnipa is ideally placed at the western entry point of the stunning Gawler Ranges. It is a great place to stop, refresh and take a breather, whether for a day or longer. Minnipa is known for its friendly hospitality, and the surrounding area is dotted with fascinating points of interest. Just 38 km away from Wudinna, Minnipa commands an impressive array of amenities, including accommodation, hotel, post office, community store, sporting clubs and local industrial services. Enjoy the hospitality of the Minnipa Community Store with combined post office and second-hand bookshop. Then have a generous feed at the Lone Pine Hotel and stay the night. Be sure to check out Minnipa Apex Park. Located on the main Eyre Highway, the Tourist Information Bay and rest area for travellers passing through the town also house a picnic area and coin-operated BBQ with an overhead light for evening and night- time barbies. On the outskirts of Minnipa is John Post’s flower garden, well worth stopping to smell the roses, and just one of the wonderful things to see in Minnipa. For over 100 years, the Minnipa Agricultural Centre has been developing innovative best-practice farm management for low-rainfall environments on its 1100-hectare property. The facility is operated by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) and serves the cereal-growing Marvellous Minnipa Tcharkuldu Hill 6 #GawlerRanges #Wudinna #Minnipa