Raine and Horne

A Super Brand in the Commercial Market Opposite: Angus Raine propels Raine & Horne Commercial globally, captivating local and international foreign press. Above: Colin Henry, the MD of Raine & Horne Commercial Penrith, leading since the beginning. When Colin Henry picks, he sticks A supporter of the mighty Penrith Panthers since their first game in 1967 against Canterbury at Belmore Oval, Colin Henry has also been part of the Raine & Horne Commercial fabric since 1988. This timing is significant as Colin joined the brand four years before Raine & Horne Commercial switched from corporate-owned offices to a franchise network, encompassing every major capital city and many regional population hubs. Growing up in the St George area, Colin started his career in the legal industry before shifting to residential property with Gary Rossetto and his partners, Ivan Barrow and Graham Renshaw at Raine & Horne Penrith on 8 August 1988. Colin remembers this date as the same day the Round Australia Bicentennial Yacht Race started. “It’s not hard to remember,” he recalls. “Gary talked me into it, and I owe him a debt of gratitude. Without him, I wouldn’t have had what I’ve got now.” While the Penrith office was one of Australia’s top four or five Raine and Horne offices, it did not have a commercial team, so Colin was employed to head up this new division. Then in 1991, after a partnership change at Raine & Horne Penrith, Colin was offered the opportunity to buy the commercial and industrial business, which he did with the support of his father. “We started with one sales agent, Brett Lobb, who played on the wing for Penrith,” Colin recalls. While Brett is long gone, Colin remains the Panther’s longest corporate sponsor having clocked up 37 years of support in 2023. But in 1991 times were tough with Australia just entering a major recession. “My wife Andrea used to get her pay, and then she’d ring me and say, ‘The money is in the bank’, Colin says. “I’d pull it out and pay Brett. We were living with my parents, we had nothing. And then I bought my first rent roll, and we made a couple of significant sales, and we were off and running.” A year later, Colin signed a formal franchise agreement with the super brand, the shift to franchising now rubber-stamped. Expansion for Commercial Penrith In 1994 Raine & Horne Commercial Penrith secured its first rent roll. It employed leading commercial sales agent Paul Kennedy, who became Australia’s number one commercial sales agent once the group expanded to about 20 or 25 offices nationally. Colin, the Number one sales agent in NSW in 2010 for Raine & Horne Commercial, estimates he has purchased 15 rent rolls, including a few in Campbelltown when he owned Raine & Horne Commercial Campbelltown (now Commercial Macarthur), later selling to Daniel Krobot in 2014. Colin also won the prestigious Graeme Skarratt Award in 2013. An extremely successful principal, Colin now employs 35 staff in two different states managing shopping centres for his clients – he also says he has no hesitation in recommending Raine & Horne to other real estate specialists. His recommendations included Bruce Schell, who launched Raine & Horne Commercial Liverpool in 2019. Colin remembers: “I met Bruce at a Christmas party one year, and not long after our meeting, he decided to join Raine & Horne Commercial. He even rang me and said, ‘Thanks for talking us into it. I love it’.” Colin has also inspired several principals to join the residential group too. He most notably encouraged Vince Turner to switch his St Mary’s independent to Raine & Horne. Raine & Horne St Marys now employs around 30 staff, including ten licenced sales agents, making it one of the largest real estate businesses in Sydney’s outer west operating under one roof. After 34 years of continual service under the Raine & Horne banner, Colin says: “I recommend Raine & Horne because it opens doors with corporate owners”. An extremely successful principal, Colin now employs 35 staff in two different states managing shopping centres for his clients 109