Raine and Horne

Bringing Expertise to the Bush ODERN AUSTRALIA may be a nation largely comprised of city dwellers, but the agricultural sector makes a significant contribution to the domestic economy, and from the earliest days the Raine family have had a strong connection to the land, both personally and through the family firm. In 2014, the network formally cemented its expertise in rural and regional property markets with the launch of a sub brand – Raine & Horne Rural. Riding on the sheep’s back Rural Australia is not a new frontier for the Raine family. In 1823, Captain Thomas Raine received a 2000-acre grant of prime agricultural land by the Fish River in Bathurst. It was an area where estates of this size were often earmarked for allocation to respectable families, typically former military officers. It was bountiful country, and in applying for the grant, Captain Raine estimated he could take 20 convicts to work the land. Demand for labour was so strong however he didn’t receive the full quota of men. Nonetheless, Captain Raine wasted no time stocking the property with sheep and cattle, and he would eventually become one of the largest horse breeders in the colony. In 1832 Captain Raine constructed an exceptional Georgian manor on the property - known as ‘Rainham’, and it would be here he enjoyed many fulfilling years as a successful pastoralist. It was during his time at Bathurst Captain Raine formed a close friendship with Fitzwilliam Wentworth. Significantly, Wentworth would give Captain Raine’s eager young grandson Tom Raine his first job managing his family’s estate, a connection that later led to Raine & Horne managing the Cooper Estates. Life here was far removed from shop-keeping in Sydney, but Thomas Raine could adapt himself to most things. The sea captain, explorer, merchant, man of affairs, now became a vigorous pastoralist. Rainham remained in the Raine family until 1855, when it was sold to James Boyd for £4,000. In 2012, Rainham was sold through Raine & Horne Bathurst for $500,000. Though the land holdings have largely been sold off, Rainham still stands on 31 hectares (76 acres) of land and can be viewed from Vale Road to the south of Bathurst. Raine & Horne Rural empowers Australia’s agricultural heartland Previous page main: In 2022, Raine & Horne Rural WA sold 7,484.87 acres at 2008 Kulin-Holt Rock Road, Jilakin, WA. Previous page inset: Established in 1883, Raine & Horne has long been a rural market staple. Above right: In 1990, The Financial Australian highlights Raine & Horne’s renewed efforts to expand into regional and rural Australia. Opposite top: In 2022, Andrew Tregent and his team launched a new rural office: Raine & Horne Rural Gloucester. In 2023, Raine & Horne Rural took their marketing efforts to the next level by launching new brand merchandise. M 112