Raine and Horne

Evolution of a Super Brand By the early 1900s Raine & Horne was managing sales in the then ‘outer’ suburbs of Ashfield and Concord as well as ‘country resorts’ in locations as diverse as Sans Souci, Hunters Hill, Richmond and even as far away as Tuggerah Lakes on the Central Coast and Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands. With good management and smart business practices, Raine & Horne successfully navigated the Great Depression, and went on to flourish in the post-war era of population growth – the baby boom years. After 30 years with the firm, second generation Raine – Edmund (Ned) Raine, took on the role of Chairman leaving Raine & Horne well positioned to enter the 1960s, a period of prosperity that extended through to the 1970s. The brand expands It was in the 1950s that an enthusiastic teenager, and third generation family member – Max Raine, joined the firm, bringing with him a genuine passion for property and a keen awareness of the need to innovate and grow. From the beginning, Max was eager to explore options for growth, while still maintaining Raine & Horne’s high ethical standards and proud reputation for individual customer service. Importantly, Max recognised the need for corporate expansion, and through his lobbying, Raine & Horne opened its first suburban branch in Double Bay in 1968. This was Top: Raine & Horne’s 140 years of success are built on core values that prioritize clients and people. Above: Angus and Tash Raine celebrate Raine & Horne’s induction into the Family Business Australia’s Hall of Fame in 2012. followed by offices in Crows Nest, Burwood and Pymble, and later, Bondi Junction. In the 1970s, Max, by this time Chief Executive Officer of Raine & Horne, was keen to explore the possibilities for growth offered by the new business model of franchising. More than just a means of sustainable long term growth, franchising would allow Raine & Horne customers in any location to benefit from local knowledge, while still enjoying the strength of a well-known and highly respected brand. The first Raine & Horne franchise opened in the Sydney suburb of Liverpool in 1976, and the company grew exponentially from this point. The next generation In 1998, Max Raine’s son Angus joined the family business bringing a fresh injection of passion – and quite possibly the property DNA, of a fourth generation Raine. Angus was no novice to the property industry. He had invested 15 years honing his skills with other firms. While his broad experience has undoubtedly proven an asset to Raine & Horne, it wasn’t always an easy path for Angus. The Raine name initially made it difficult for him to secure a role outside the family firm because as he explains: “Employers thought I was either the black sheep of the family or a spy.” Nonetheless, Angus did gain independent employment, developing a diverse skill set, fresh perspectives, and drawing on the experience of a variety of leading property companies along the way. By the late 1990s he had developed an impressive resume – one that would hold Raine & Horne in good stead as it navigated the new century with all the challenges it would bring from the bursting of the ‘dot com’ bubble to the global financial crisis. Under Angus’ leadership, Raine & Horne has continued to prosper, grow and expand. By 2023, the Raine & Horne Group had more than 300 offices across Australia and has broadened its reach far beyond national borders to encompass markets as diverse as Malaysia, where it has 12 offices, to the United Arab Emirates (two offices) and Fiji (three offices). In the first half of 2023, the super brand opened eight offices across New Zealand’s North Island And is expanding to the South Island. There are plans for further international expansion.. Success where others failed Australia’s corporate history is packed with family dynasties, many felled by poor succession planning, greed, indifference We’re about our people and their clients. The Values we're built on... Integrity We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing – acting in our clients best interests' is non-negotiable. Innovation We embrace creativity, innovation and continuous improvement. We implement cutting-edge technology to create a seamless customer experience. Knowledge We embrace change through perpetual learning and development. Reliability We are there every step of the way. We are authentic, dependable and aim to deliver consistency always. Collaboration We are greater than the sum of our parts and know that working together is crucial for success. Professional We support and develop our teams to be the best they can be. Raine & Horne’s shopfront offices at 70 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1915. We’re about our people and our clients. The values we’re built on... 14