Raine and Horne

“Double Bay was a prestige office, and it was wonderful to be there in those tremendous days with the home units and the commercial expansion of Double Bay and the Eastern Suburbs,” he says. When Max Raine announced that the company was continuing its expansion by opening an office in Bondi Junction, Graeme immediately put his hand up to lead it. “I thought it’d be lovely to run an office,” he says. In November 1973 Graeme took the reins, however by the following April the nation was in the midst of a credit squeeze. One day in particular stands out in Graeme’s mind, when the firm’s Sydney offices had a total of 34 homes up for auction and all were passed in except one of his properties. “There were some lean years there, but I survived it,” he recalls. “Everyone was worried about their jobs in those days in Australia. Max Raine stood by me right through it. That’s why I’ll always have everlasting thanks to him and the company.” Graeme made history at Bondi Junction by bringing the first female salesperson, Maureen Brett, to his team. He built the Bondi Junction office into a force in Eastern Suburbs real estate. Raine & Horne then sold it to a franchisee, and in 1982 Graeme moved to one of the group’s offices on the North Shore. Graeme made history at Bondi Junction by bringing the first female salesperson, Maureen Brett, to his team He quickly established an auction operation for the business, and the office was subsequently franchised. Graeme then transferred to Raine & Horne Corporate to begin the role where he would make his mark for the next 23 years - providing new franchisees with the tools to succeed. Working initially under Bob Emmet, a Raine & Horne director, he helped establish training, new advertising and promotional concepts, and a mentoring program that took him to every regional area in New South Wales, and up and down the coast. The 1980s were a time of rapid growth, with sometimes three or four new franchise offices opening in a week. Raine & Randolph Clements Managing Director Raine & Horne Victoria Randolph Clements boasts nearly 50 years in real estate, including more than 25 years as Master Franchisor for the Raine & Horne network in Victoria. Raine & Horne opened for business in Melbourne in 1983, and a decade later was seeking to turbo charge its growth in Victoria. By 1990 meanwhile, Randolph had built one of Victoria’s biggest real estate franchising networks, E.J. Doherty. In 1994, Raine & Horne approached Randolph to join the network. After some lengthy due diligence, Randolph joined Raine & Horne in 1997. “At the time I was attracted to Max Raine’s personality, I liked his fairness and integrity,” Randoph said. “We took over Raine & Horne in Victoria with five offices and have grown to a network of 40 offices spread across the city and regional Victoria. Randolph attributes his longevity at Raine & Horne to the firm’s culture of collaboration. “I acknowledge that Raine & Horne’s history dating back to 1883 is a point of difference,” he said. “However, I was part of a core group of master franchisees that recognised that real estate success in the 21st Century would involve embracing the latest software, state-of-the-art websites, IT systems, and brand marketing. “Our ideas were embraced thanks to the contributions and support from Angus Raine, who took over as CEO in 2006. We had a member of the Raine family who recognised the value of embracing technological change and keeping up with the times. As a result, we have come a long way as a group.” The unprecedented growth of Raine & Horne in Victoria is testament to Randolph’s proven determination to succeed in business. “He is without doubt a well-respected figure in the Victorian real estate industry today,” Angus Raine noted. 129