Raine and Horne

Reminiscences of Long Term Staffers Horne instituted regional and state meetings, a system that was then rolled out around the country. “The first conference we had, I think there were about eight people,” says Graeme. “That’d be in the late 1970s. There’d have been five or six offices in that group. By 1983, we had 100.” Working with three generations of the Raine family With a tenure spanning 1958 to 2006, Graeme Skarratt is likely the only person to have worked with Edmund (Ned), Max and Angus Raine. That Ned, who served in Gallipoli and later France—where he was gassed and wounded—had the tenacity to come to work even though it meant bringing an oxygen cylinder with him, left a lasting impression on Graeme. Late in Ned’s life, Graeme sold Ned a unit in Ocean Avenue, Double Bay, where he lived with his son Peter. “I felt very proud selling to the Chairman,” says Graeme. “He was idolised by the staff and was an outstanding human being. He died in 1969, and at his funeral in Saint Mark’s Church in Darling Point you couldn’t get inside the door.” Graeme’s first boss at Raine & Horne, Douglas Higgins, was next in the Chairman’s seat until his retirement in 1973, when Max Raine took over. “I think he was a visionary possessing great industry and enterprise,” says Graeme of Max. “When he became chairman he saw the merit, as did the board, to have more offices; and he had the vision to make it happen. “He was a giant in the real estate industry nationally and internationally. He loved promoting Raine & Horne and told people to put money into bricks and mortar and Mother Earth. He had an enlightened outlook.” Graeme and Max Raine became firm friends over their 60year alliance that extended into retirement and Max’s death in February 2023. Max and Sue Raine, for instance, hosted Graeme and his wife Di on a Pacific cruise. Meanwhile, the firm and the real estate industry bade Graeme farewell at a lavish event at Sydney’s Intercontinental Hotel, which included the who’s who of Australian real estate industry and the media. “Max was a visionary possessing great industry and enterprise,” says Graeme. “He saw the merit of having more Raine & Horne offices, as did the Board, and he had the entrepreneurial skills to follow it through.” Graeme remembers how overjoyed Max was the day his son, Angus, was born. “I watched Angus grow up,” says Graeme. “He was a thoroughly nice person, and nothing’s changed.” Angus is equally complimentary in his praise for Graeme and takes great joy in annually presenting the Graeme Skarratt Award (GSK) to a member of the Raine & Horne team for their outstanding contribution. “Graeme Skarratt was a loyal professional and dedicated Director of our Company and was a fantastic support to my father over many years,” says Angus. “The GSK award is presented to outstanding individuals who have demonstrated those qualities of loyalty, professionalism, and dedication and have supported others in the industry and across Raine & Horne in the same way Graeme did.” Above left: Angus Raine presents 2023 GSK Award to Sam & Fiona Varrica - Raine & Horne Five Dock/ Drummoyne. Above right: Raine & Horne’s 1970s growth was a headline-grabbing success story. 130