Raine and Horne

Giving back and receiving an OAM Even amid a busy career, Graeme always found time to support the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC). Having served as a Vice President and a Director of the RIDBC Board and been named a Life Governor, in 1991 he was awarded the Order of Australia (OAM) for his contributions. A fundraising group he started in 1965, the Abstract Committee, continues to raise funds for the RIDBC. “It gave me, in a private capacity, the greatest joy that I could start something – and it’s still going 58 years later – which has raised millions of dollars for deaf and blind children,” he says. With the blessing of Max Raine, the Chairman of the Abstract Committee would come to speak about the RIDBC’s work at noteworthy Raine & Horne functions. “Max thought it was good to have a social conscience,” Graeme remembers. “Privately Max was very helpful to the members of his staff who met with misfortune. He never told me about any of these cases, but the recipients of his generosity did.” A lifetime of service Graeme says his ultimate career achievement was making it on to the Board of Raine & Horne. After starting out as an Associate Director in the 1970s, he became a full Director in 1986. “Bearing in mind the people that had gone before me who were giants in the industry, it was a tremendous honour,” Graeme says. For Graeme it was only natural that he would want to stay with the company for 47 years. “I had the privilege of working alongside some of the greatest real estate people in the industry,” he said. “I consider myself very, very lucky to have ever walked in that door at 34 Hunter Street.” When Graeme retired in 2006, there was a surprise for him, Raine & Horne was naming the Graeme Skarratt (GSK) Award in his honour. Graeme has passed on the torch, and now it’s up to current and future of Raine & Horne agents to carry on his legacy of excellence. In 1994, Raine & Horne approached Randolph to join the network. After some lengthy due diligence, Randolph Clements joined Raine & Horne in 1997. “At the time I was attracted to Max Raine’s personality, I liked his fairness and integrity,” Randoph said. “We took over Raine & Horne in Victoria with five offices and have grown to a network of 40 offices spread across the city and regional Victoria. Randolph attributes his longevity at Raine & Horne to the firm’s culture of collaboration. “I acknowledge that Raine & Opposite: Graeme Skarratt (centre) presents Matt Clifton, long-time co-principal of Raine & Horne Bathurst, with the 2018 GSK award, supported by Angus Raine. Chris Weston Darwin and South Australia Chris Weston literally bleeds charcoal and gold. He and his wife Sue joined Raine & Horne in 1996 as the master franchisees for South Australia, after building their own successful real estate group in that state. For the next 20 years, Chris was the Director of Raine & Horne South Australia until 2016. He remains the Principal of Raine & Horne’s offices in Oakbank, Mount Barker, and Two Wells. He is also a Co-Principal of Gawler and Munno Para with his business partner Gwen Levesque. He and business partner Ron Brooks are directors of Raine & Horne Darwin. In 2017, the long-time Raine & Horne South Australian master franchisee won the Graeme Skarratt award for services to the super brand. Raine & Horne opened its first office in South Australia in 1988 and by the mid-1990s was seeking to expand its network, and Chris and Sue Weston were identified as the perfect agents to facilitate this growth. Chris and Sue opened a one salesperson office in March 1980 in Oakbank, in semi-rural Adelaide Hills some 30 minutes from Adelaide. By 1996 their network had grown to a remarkable 35 offices. In August 1996 they were granted the master franchise for the state and came under the Raine & Horne umbrella. “In the mid-1990s, Raine & Horne were widely seen as a well-respected name, 100% owned and operated since 1883. This is still the case today,” Chris said. Former Raine & Horne Chairman Max Raine was instrumental in convincing the Westons to join the super brand. “Max was easy to talk to and put people at ease,” Chris said. “He built a network on the back of his personality. Also, the franchisees in Sydney were happy to see South Australia on board as it expanded their network.” More recently, Chris has been impressed with the way Angus Raine has steered the Raine & Horne ship. “Angus is personable and easy to talk to and follows up on all matters like an eagle,” Chris said. Twenty-seven years on, and Chris Weston has no regrets. “We are proud of our over 25-year association with the Raine family,” Chris said. “We’ve cemented the size and turnover of the residential network in South Australia, and established Raine & Horne Commercial South Australia. We’ve also launched the award-winning Raine & Horne Business Sales, which is the biggest corporate sales business in South Australia by far. “With our son Tom Weston leading Raine & Horne Mount Barker, and our daughter Georgia Weston at Raine & Horne Oakbank—who is also a member of the firm’s marketing committee in South Australia—we look forward to continuing our long association with Raine & Horne.” 132