Raine and Horne

or plain incompetence. Yet the company Angus heads today, celebrates more than 140 years of successful trading and holds a distinguished place in Family Business Australia’s Hall of Fame, into which the firm was inducted in 2012. How is it that in a more than a century of tremendous social upheaval, huge technology changes and an increasingly competitive commercial environment, Raine & Horne has soared from strength to strength and still enjoys continuous Raine family ownership? There is no single formula to achieve super brand status. But for Raine & Horne it has been the result of adhering to several deeply held family and corporate philosophies. An advocate for the great Australian dream First among them is a rock solid commitment to personalised service and meeting each client’s needs. It was a credo first established by Tom Raine and Joseph Horne, and their commitment lives on to this day. Quite simply, Raine & Horne has an overarching goal to help ordinary Australians achieve the dream of owning property. Two out of three Australians own their home. Many more aspire to. Raine & Horne has advocated for this goal for more than a century, helping multiple generations of Australians take their first, and subsequent, steps on the property ladder. To this end, Raine & Horne have not only helped shape Australia’s culture and communities, but also continues to give back to local communities through support of local associations, schools and sporting groups. Launch of an inspirational foundation This close relationship with the community was reinforced with the launch of the Raine & Horne Foundation. A representation of 140 years (and counting) of charitable giving, the Foundation is dedicated to providing support for Raine & Horne fun facts • Raine & Horne didn’t have a phone line in its earliest years but, are listed in the 1891 telephone directory with the phone number ‘1088’. • In 1968 the first suburban office opened in Double Bay, Sydney. The first franchise office was Liverpool in Sydney in 1976 and in 1982, the 100th office opened in Armidale, NSW. • It took Max Raine over 30 years to purchase all the shares in R&H from family and employees which he completed in 1998. • When Raine & Horne first started, Tom Raine was 22 years of age, whereas Joseph Horne was 43. • Max Raine started in 1950 and retired in 2011. • Angus Raine joined the firm in 1998 after 15 years working for a number of rival firms. • The company’s longest serving employee was Mr Harold Horsley, who chalked up more than 60 years. • For R&H’s 135th year, corporate headquarters (above) purchased and built a state-of-the-art facility in Sydney which is used for training, events and continuous development for the network. $6000+ $211k+ 120 820k 17k+ 7800+ 15