Raine and Horne

Reminiscences of Long Term Staffers “Max shortlisted a few companies and continued to invite each in separately, always serving tea and biscuits himself. “He made each party feel they were the front runner but suggested at the end of each meeting that perhaps they may like to ‘sharpen their pencil’ on cost. This round of meetings went on for some time until he felt he had ‘screwed’ them down to their lowest possible price. A patient negotiator!” Diversity and inclusion were not focal points in those days in corporate Australia, although a few professional women were present across departments at Raine & Horne. The overall workplace culture was respectful without actively supporting or discriminating against women. Louise emphasises that R&HC valued initiative and allowed her to pursue ideas that benefitted the company. Reflecting on her time at R&HC, Louise credits Max Raine’s support in her career progression. Max actively backed her in becoming the Chair of the NSW Property Council Research Committee, a role that paved the way for her subsequent achievements as the fund manager of Australia’s largest unlisted property fund at AMP Capital and the first female NSW President of the Property Council. “My years at R&HC were a strong foundation for the rest of my career and are remembered fondly,” Louise said. Above: Louise Joslin, Research Manager, Raine & Horne Commercial discusses Sydney CBD developments with Richard Butler, CBD Sales Manager in 1987. Alec Marra Managing Director, Raine & Horne Bunbury When tireless effort reaps great reward There was a point in his career when Alec Marra had almost depleted his life savings, but he says it was the highlight of his real estate journey. Loyal to the Raine & Horne brand for 26 years now, Alec started off working tirelessly to create his now stellar career in Bunbury, Western Australia. “May 1, 1996, was when I received my first settled cheque with Raine & Horne, it was $6,000 for a deal,” Alec said. “Those times were tough, mentally especially. I was sitting and working in the office for long hours trying to break through, my wife was asking me if I knew what I was doing because for that last year and a half, I had depleted most of our savings. I would have never imagined 12 months later that I would have made $100,000. “I’m not sharing this to show how much money I’ve made, rather it’s to share the idea of not giving up. You can start at entry-level in a company and a few years later be making great money.” Having run an independent real estate agency prior to joining Raine & Horne, Alec says the network has continued to evolve over the years. “Raine & Horne has a proud heritage as a private family-owned business, but also an ability to integrate its long history with a modern vision which allows the brand to remain an industry leader with a powerful market presence,” he says. “Being an independent business owner can be lonely. Who do you pick up the phone and ring when you have a problem? You can’t ring the competitor across the road. “As part of a group like Raine & Horne, you can contact a colleague in the next suburb, in your region or even someone you met at a national conference and tap their experience.” Alec says one of the most appealing aspects of working as a real estate agent is that each day is different. “Agents meet new people, see new places, and respond to the changing needs of buyers and sellers—which often means shifting gears at the last minute,” he explains. “Max Raine reminded me that as a real estate agent, you have unlimited income potential if you work hard and are willing to take the time, energy, and expenses to build your personal brand and business. “He also told me you could make more money and have a flexible schedule and a chance to make a difference in many people’s lives. And he was right!” 135