Raine and Horne

Australia’s future well-being, welfare and environment. Each year worthy causes are selected for focus, with the Foundation just another way for Raine & Horne to work together and improve the lives of people in local communities. Since its launch, the Raine & Horne Foundation has raised an impressive $500,000 for charity by early 2023. It is partnered with an exceptional not-for-profit organisation called Dignity, who aim to combat and ultimately end homelessness in Australia. Valuing a diverse talent pool Few things can derail a successful company more quickly than nepotism, especially if top employees discover a hint of favouritism, or hit a glass ceiling that only family members can go beyond. For Raine & Horne however, running the business has always been less about family and more about having the right corporate structure, the right strategy, and the right people in place to successfully run the firm. By embracing the value and diversity of its people, Raine & Horne has never been burdened by issues of nepotism or questions over succession. Not only has Raine & Horne developed and nurtured a wide talent pool, but it has also employed non-family Chief Executive Officers, non-executive board members, directors and senior managers since the 1950s – a rare practice among Australia’s family-owned businesses. In February 2013, Angus told Money Magazine: “The whiff of favouritism can cripple a company … in some family businesses, every man and their dog are working there and, dare I say it, they’re probably not qualified. If you’re looking for a job and there’s any number of cousins in a company, someone from a non-family background will see there is definitely a glass ceiling, which is a real drawback in retention and recruiting. It’s not a problem here. We’ve had non-family CEOs running this business since the 1960s. There are non-executive board members. We run it like a corporation, not a family picnic, and that’s a reason we’ve been around for so long.” Equally, from a governance standpoint, one of the greatest points of difference for Raine & Horne is that it has a small board. This is a major benefit as its nimble and agile board can make decisions rapidly and can agree to opportunities within the space of one boardroom meeting, even within an hour. An agile board is important in today’s real estate market, where everything moves fast, particularly technology. From that very first professional partnership between Tom Raine and Joseph Horne, Raine & Horne has actively nurtured positive partnerships Above left: The passing of Max Raine on the 22nd of February 2023 was marked by a rowsing ovation at the Raine & Horne National Awards, Sydney Town Hall, March 2023. Above right: In 2023, Raine & Horne marked its remarkable 140th anniversary with a licensed Monopoly board game featuring bespoke tokens that paid homage to the super brand’s rich history. 16